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Booking is done :slight_smile:

Hi Liana, @Inge has booked already at Nest for 3 nights - 24,25,26 on the name of Edgeryders? :slight_smile:

If you arrive around noon on the 24th it’ll be perfect!

We’ll reimburse your travels on the spot, up to 40 $ per trip per person.

Hope this works for you!

Great! Thank you to you and  @Inge. I’ll be on 23th evening and be at the hotel around noon of 24th. :slight_smile:

Is accommodation also reimbursed? or 40$ for travel?

Sorted already.

If it’s booked by Edgeryders then it’s on us.

Thank you!

Thanks and looking to see you all in Tbilisi. :slight_smile:

Arriving today!


Im arriving to Tbilisi this afternoon. Was wondering what exciting things are there to see/do in Tbilisi? Any advice??

See you guys soon :slight_smile: