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Organizing affordable lodging during Futurespotters International event

This is a call to reach out for help! We will be coming to Tbilisi from Germany, Belgium, Romania, Armenia, Egypt and more for the 24th-26th of June. If you are in Tbilisi, can you help get the word out by?

  • Coordinating communication with the Couchsurfing community in Tbilisi?  Help put up a post or open letter on their community forum.
  • Crafting discount deals with hostels / hotels / apartments for group booking? Are there places where more of us can stay together for a cheap price? 
  • Reaching out to friends who are up for hosting a participant for a couple of nights? Or maybe you are in that position?

Anything you can help with, it will mean a lot! Let us know in a comment below so we can coordinate or fill in the table below with your status or offer…

who accommodation dates status: did you already book? comments, cry for help
Vahagn Vardumyan 23-24-25-26 no, I only wrote on this platform Nest Hostel (for 23-26)
Arthur, Noemi, Nadia, Alberto, Matthias, LasIndias, hexayurt 23-29 YES Rented a house in Kote Marjanishvili Street 
Hazem Adel 23-26   Nest Hostel

@Lilit, Anna Meliksetyan, @Enli, @Zhanna

24-26   Nest Hostel
Ale Mambelli, Gevorg Baghdasaryan, Zara Avetisyan 24-26   Nest Hostel
Ulrike, Amiridina  24-26   Nest Hostel

Edgeryders has booked 20 beds at Nest Hostel and are offering them on a rolling basis to those who get involved in building the event. Filling in the table as occupancy grows. If you need a spot comment below.

Address: Iashvili Street 23 Tbilisi Georgia‎

Phone no: +995 598 16 17 71

Other hostels:

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Nest Hostel

Hi everyone, just to let you know about an affordable hostel in Tbilisi where @SamMuirhead and I stayed this April. Also recommended by @Inge.

It’s around 10 US dollars per night, has good wifi and it’s located very centrally. Here it is on trip advisor.

Neta Hotel is great because guests pay on arrival. So you can pre-book for a number of people to keep prices as low as possible.

Arthur and I went ahead and did this at the Neta: hotel website. The additional advantage is it makes it easier to coordinate dinners etc if people are staying at the same place/ within walking distance of one another. Let me know in a reply to this comment  if you want any of the rooms.

The rooms are all non smoking, breakfast is included and you share the room with one other person. There is free wifi in the hotel. @Inge is heading over in person tomorrow to check that it’s all good :slight_smile:

Details of the rooms:

1 standard double or twin room with a double bed. Price: 85 USD/person for all three nights (Taken)

7 x Junior sweet rooms with 2 single beds in each. Price: 102 USD/person for all three nights

3 suites with two beds in each. Price: 136 USD/person for all three nights.

What if I cannot afford this?

There are two options.

We cover the cost of accommodations for participants who get involved in building the event and program, but places are limited and its first come first served. Please post any questions you have about this in a comment on the event page and we’ll reply quickly.

The second option is to look for cheaper alternatives for travellers so we can afford to cover costs of accommodations for more people. We have until June 21 to accept the bookings above. But this requires someone to take responsibility for coordination around this. If you are based in Tbilisi maybe consider hosting guests in your home for one or more nights?

If you want a room or want to help with organising this please leave a comment below with any ideas or kind offers to fellow community members <3

Nata Hostel etc

Ok, so Nata: it’s not a bad location, but it isn’t great either. Also the kind of place, it’s not your youth/fun/pretty kinda place. But it isn’t bad either.

I would suggest to go for the ones I proposed in this wiki. I will let you guys know if they have place to accommodate us.

my place

and I would def offer people to stay at my place if I could, but I have a very active young puppy, so I will only host people at my place (either on the couch or on a mattress on the floor) if they LOVE dogs, not just are ok with dogs, but love them. I have had some bad experience with guests saying they would be ok with dogs, but then ended up being irritated by her. And she’s my baby. The guests I had who love dogs, they were great. Sorry to be a pain in the ass about this, but I don’t like hosting people who don’t like my pup ;).

just checking

Hi everybody,

So I have already wrote about my planned days in Tbilisi - arriving on 23rd from Portugal or Germany, will see. Can I consider that I have a room if I write here or I should write somewhere else too? Who pays for the stay of participants?

Agree, logistics is unclear now

And people keep asking questions.

Can we probably make a FAQ on event logistics?

yes see comments below.

Organising team for the event gets reimbursed

For accommodations (up to a maximum number of people we can cover travel for). I just picked something as a backup but it is better if you go ahead and book in one of the places recommended by Inge as she is a local and I am not. We have budgeted up to 30 USD/night for accommodations for participants.

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some more clarifications

Hi @Nadia

What is “a maximum number of people we can cover travel for” ?

And “30 USD/night for accommodations for participants” means each participant gets maximum of 30 USD a night covered by the organizers, which also includes food or it is just about the place to stay? I agree with @marina.n about having a FAQ about this.

Thanks for the infos

This is only for/about accomodation.

this wiki is the accommodation wiki. Inge is putting others ones up about food and travel. One person will be responsible for each wiki so they can answer all questions about that topic but are not burdened with the others ones. This will be set up by tonight. Then we have one page with links to the differnt wikis, that can be the FAQ: You are welcome to start putting it together if you can/want.


Right now I have set up tasks for travel, accommodation, food, venue and social activities - so we can assign them to 1 person who will be main responsible for it. I will also create a wiki for those and link them in the tasks (the accommodation & travel have been linked). Also, i keep on writing accommodation with 1 m, not 2 (accomodation), very frustrating :wink:

waiting for reply

I sent 4 hostels (the first 4) an email, asking if they can host us and how much it would cost us. If I dont get a reply by tomorrow I will call them. Keep you updated!

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Nest Hostel?

Should I reserve them? they have room, are clean, have ubuntu, wifi, very central. Let me know what I should reply them.

Yes. go for it.

Book all the rooms/beds available. We will just cancel the other place. Thanks!

“Book your Ubuntu resorts now”

So now having Ubuntu is a good reason to choose a hotel? Interesting. And appropriate :slight_smile:

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it brightened my stay at Nest

Normally I refuse to stay at any establishment without an Arch-based distribution but I made an exception in this case :slight_smile:

Hostel & Travel Club

If you’re on couchsurfing, you can find a list of hostels from last year at

I aslo recommend t get in touch with the Travel Club, who plan to organize a Travel house (i.e. FREE accomodation) in tbilisi tis year Travel House 2014: Tbilisi

For those who can: please donate to The Travel House campaign,  or spread the word, so they can make this happen.

PS: I’ll be out of Georgia most of June so I won’t  be able to help any further with event organizations. I’ll see/decide if  can host people once I’ back end on June

Any news on the no. of beds at Nest?

Hey @Inge, so I guess the booking has been made. Just for reference: is it a shared dorm of 20 beds or many smaller dorms?


Hi all,

I guess we (Lilit, Zhanna) are coming from Yerevan 23th of June and will leave in the morning of 27th of June. So we need 3 nights. Do we need do something to book it or it’s already booked?