Acting out death in South Korea suicide prevention school

My personal interest in community driven care is it’s ability to take into account, and answer to, the different dimensions of well-being and interlinking of different kinds of need…beyond the healthy/sick dichotomy. Susanne Stauch is running an OpenCare product design course at UDK, the largest Art and Design university in Europe. We developed the concept and course together, it’s taking shape here. The focus is developing helpers, and looking at the social aspects of care, so Im going to be focused on this for a while :slight_smile:

This article popped up in my feeds (don’t ask) today and it reminded me of this post I wrote about rituals around death and mourning (or lack thereof) in contemporary culture:

“Ideally, this exercise in death could also emphasize the fact that each of us is here for a reason. And that each of us has a unique set of gifts, talents, experience and wisdom to share. If we are not utilizing these in some way - both to bring us joy and to help others in some way - then both we as a collective, as well as some individuals (whom we may never know) - suffer from this loss - whether we realize this or not. If we are not actively shining our light - the world becomes a darker place.” - Linda K.