Action points after our biweekly H2020 call on 30/9/19


  • @nadia and @amelia will open an inquiry on using SSNA as a tool to identify hidden biases
  • festival form sign-up and onboarding process will be done by @MariaEuler @noemi @johncoate and @natalia_skoczylas, to be discussed in a separate thread
  • @inge and @nadia will be targeting efforts to engage women doing interesting work in NGI starting with contacting Kate Sim (the Oxford Internet Institute)
  • @amelia is ready to have the first ethno coding visualization for NGI, will check with @alberto how to proceed. For POPREBEL there is still not enough coding happening. The call is scheduled for October, the goal is to generate minimum 50 codes per person, by mid-October, worst case scenario Amelia herself will have at least 150 codes.
  • @nadia will be filling-in the events template for NGI to be transmitted to the coordinator by @marina

@marina where was that template document we are supposed to use?


@MariaEuler can you share with me the location and login for the doc where festival event organisers put in their info about the activity they are running?

Here (on our NGI team drive, under “outreach events”), when you create one for each event just name them correctly and keep it in that folder. Thanks!

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Just a small correction— the number of codes was an estimate, not an assignment. each person is meant to have coded 5 threads which I estimate will generate minimum 50 codes.


@nadia here the link for the proposal form results. I highlighted the relevant columns. responses (3) - Google Tabellen