Add config options to hide parts of the eComma UI

Open Ethnographer will use eComma as its base, but does not need (or: want) to show all features of its user interface since the purpose is different. So the task is here to add configuration options allowing to hide the word cloud, comments and comments word cloud tabs (first, third and fourth tab currently). While we’re at it, options to hide all tabs that can meaningfully be hidden should be added.

This is a paid task and welcome to be picked up by Edgeryders community members!

Implementation languages: PHP (inside Drupal 7 framework)

Budget: 200 EUR (can be changed until you take the task; the task itself should be fairly simple but since it will be the first task for the contributing developer, we budget a bit more for dev environment setup etc.)

Collaboration: Delivery should be as a Github pull request to edgeryders/eComma. Payment is after your code was tested and integrated by @Matthias and after you have sent an invoice to Edgeryders. If there are bugs or later that prohibit basic functioning, you will have to fix them within the budget limits; if after payment, there are smaller bugs not affecting basic functioning (edge cases, nice-to-have features etc.) you don’t have to care.

OK, I’ve now poked around enough to be sure I can actually implement this. So, assigning to myself.

I’m assuming global config options are enough – we aren’t planning to show/hide for different users, content-types, etc.

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Great, welcome to this crowd-collaboration experiment

Thank you for joining :slight_smile: And yes, you’re right to assume that global options are enough. It is to adapt the module’s UI to the use case (either a “comment machine” like eComma is now, or for ethnographic tagging as we want to use it). The config parameters should be available at a fitting position in the Drupal /admin/config interface. There are Drupal “coding standards” how to make a module expose such config options so they’re picked up in the config interface, and you should follow these. But you’ll have found that by now anyway.

Let me know when there are Drupal-specific issues where you want a hint or sth. Good luck!

pull request is

not sure if there’s a submenu where it’s better to put this?

oh, hang on…if we aren’t showing comments or comment cloud, we should also turn off the ‘add comment’ tab in the tagging interface. Will tweak.

right, there’s a second commit added to deal with that.

Thank you, I’ll integrate it today

Which means, I’ll test and integrate your code Monday. After that, you can write an invoice to Edgeryders.

But you can already look for another task if you like, and write an aggregate invoice lateron. Haven’t created task nodes with descriptions and budgets for most of them yet, but just tell me which ones you want details for and I’ll add that :slight_smile:

Thanks again for collaborating here!

Merged, and sorry for not using it

Merged the pull request now. Dropping eComma as a base software (reasons here now) unfortunately means Open Ethnographer will not use this code. You could offer it to the original eComma though.

All that doesn’t affect your payment of course :slight_smile: Thanks for the work, and you seem to get around pretty well in the Drupal API already.