Notes for testing

It’s useful, as we implement OpenEthnographer, to collect notes on what needs to be tested. This helps to:

  • Remind developers what needs to work
  • Show us where we can use automated tests
  • Guide manual testing, during the test phase

  • config options to hide parts of the eComma UI
    • an admin (only) can enable/disable any of the eComma tabs
    • the coding page looks/acts OK with any set of options disabled
  • Tags are not lost due text changes
    • Add tags, then change text elsewhere in the content field -- the tags should be unaffected
  • Implement storing annotations relative to content, not content display

    • Annotations are shown on both node pages and index pages
    • Add an annotation to an index page; it should also be visible from the node page
    • Add an annotation from a node page; it should also be visible on an index page
    • Editing or deleting an annotation affects both node and index pages
    • Annotations are only shown on the content they relate to; they aren't blanketed across all content
    • Annotations are correctly placed on both index and node pages (e.g. the correct words are highlighted)
    • The system deals sensibly with: nodes missing text; multiple annotations on the same content; overlapping annotations
    • If the DrupalNode plugin is disabled, annotation still works (but based on page rather than content)


Thanks! (And, I just made it a wiki so other –non-admin– developers can also contribute to this in the future.)

haha. thanks, I should have thought about that before!