After the 3rd consortium meeting: a to-do list

Here is a list of actionables downstream of the consortium meeting. It’s a wiki: feel free to add or comment.

We have plenty of reporting and housekeeping to do. Also, we have come up with ways forward on several threads.

Ethics (WP7)

  • Marco –  Some deliverables and actions are waiting for a green light. Please go through Luce's presentation, find them HERE (see D71/72/73/74) and take action as appropriate.
  • Marco – We need an offline equivalent of the consent funnel installed on Edgeryders. Marco to produce it. UPDATED – see here.
  • Marco, Costantino and Rossana – Next, we need to collect consent of the people who participated to previous offline workshops. This is needed for posting online documentation of offline activity. Not needed when people came out of workshops and posted on (like Wave).
  • Alberto – Go through the UK govt self-assessment tools for data retention and research ethics. Print and upload the reports. Best place is GitHub repo under UPDATED - see here.
  • Erik – Get ethical approval from Swedish national authority.
  • Marco – The keystone of our ethics strategy is framing as a blogging service. I think we already made the point on a previous deliverable. Double check this is the case and change it as appropriate.
  • Costantino – Make direct hyperlinks from the landing page to data management plan and ethics plan. Content for user info at this link, ready for online publication + put privacy page on (document for content here)

Data Management (WP7)

  • Erik – Add your survey data to an open data repository. We suggest Document them with appropriate metadata.  Add a section to the Data Management Plan as needed. 
  • Costantino – Add one or more sections to the Data Management Plan as needed (eg. InPe prototype). 
  • Marco – Add one or more sections to the Data Management Plan as needed (deep games and simulations).

Technical report and ways forward

We use the technical report (part B) to report on WPs and explain what we will do next. Part A is meant to give a bigger picture of the project and present its achievements and goals as a whole. Partners need to complete both parts, according to this table

General feature of opencare: we can use the challenge format on to ask the community to address topics of interest.

  • Rossana, Franca, Noemi – City of Milano to launch a challenge on policy-for-care. Edgeryders to help set it up. Policy and collaboration with government already emerged from conversation. 
  • Rossana – Interview people with relevant experience. Create challenge responses to their name (in Italian and English) to seed the conversation. 
  • Lucia – Ask higher-ups if they are up to morph this into a full-on consultation. Opportunity to latch onto the Italian Govt's 3rd OGP action plan. 
  • Costantino – Make decision on where to take engagement in 2017. Several ideas were floated: 
    • Ethnography of making (maybe involving Federico)
    • Stories of technology: interviews on making, collaboration, and community. Example: Alessandro's stories on rewriting GPS libraries for InPe. Share stories on Attempt to get a conversation going on this. 
    • Develop an "embeddable version of" to put on the websites of prototypes. We could start with InPe. Attempt to get conversation going , oriented to feedback on the prototype.
    • School of Engagement and Documentation for makers and social innovators. 
  • Marco, Alberto – Move forward with the fellowships. We agreed to openly ask the community to step forward to become fellows. We make it clear that the fellows will be appointed top-down by ScImpulse (they are hired staff, but used for the same purpose for which we had envisioned fellowships in the proposal: field work/assessment work of bottom-up care initiatives). This allows us to be fair and nonextractive to the community, and is likely to boost engagement significantly. Important for Noemi and Nadia. 
  • Please provide feedback and communicate on these deliverables and milestones BEFORE DEC 15TH:

    @markomanka: Deliverable 1.3 Open call text / WP7 Ethics requirements (see section above) / Milestone 03  Diverse participation in onboarding workshops

    @lakomaa and @tino-sanandaji: Milestone 10 Policy research feeding into the conversation

    • on the upcoming ones for December:

    @lakomaa and @tino-sanandaji: Task 4.3 Research data analysis

    @melancon: Deliverable 1.2 Hackathon material, proceedings / Deliverable 5.1  Toolbox for developing network-based software for collective intelligence / Deliverable 5.2 White papers: user task and requirements; data abstractions and operations requirements

    @Alberto and @Noemi: Deliverable 2.3 Draft report on engaging open networks in meaningful online conversations WORK IN PROGRESS HERE

    @markomanka: Deliverable 6.5 Ethics interim evaluation and guidance report

@melancon |

@Costantino | @Rossana_Torri | @Franca | @Luciascopelliti | @Lakomaa | @markomanka | @Noemi

challenge Policy Making

@Alberto, thanks for the reminder.

one question: in your opinion the challenge has to be done in both languages? or better only one in english?

maybe, in the aim to faciliate the discussion in both languages, it’s better to have also the challenge doubled…

ASAP I send you a draft (a google doc)

See you


No problem adding languages

There is never any problem adding a language. Any Drupal node can be assigned a language and translations.

Policy Making Challenge_ A draft

Hi @Alberto and @Noemi

Here a draft of the Policy Making Challenge.

Could you read it and give us some suggestions? :slight_smile:



( in Opencare folder, I created a new folder “Policy making”)

Made some suggestions…

Hope they help!

Also, a strong recommendation is that at the time we launch the challenge there is a post about your personal work in the PA - yours or Rossana’s. About what you are personally doing or fighting for. It will give the challenge a face, and valuable content to begin with.


Hi @Noemi!

Thanks for suggestions!

For our personal work: do you mean in our personal profile or we have to write something at the beginning of the challenge?

Your Challenge is up. Edits needed.

Hey @Franca, so here it is:

If you go to Edit you can now change and format your challenge text… at least for the English version. We are sorting out the Language feature.

You will see I have assigned a story already to this challenge.

You will also see a new Channel called “Policy making” where all the stories that are relevant can be assigned. I will do so within the next day.

Until then, a question for @Alberto and @Matthias: can we get Language and Translations added to Challenges and Challenge responses (content types)?

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Language functionality added

Just click on “Add” in the line corresponding to Italian.

Thanks Alberto and Matt!


With your permission, I would also move relevant reports from your meetings (example) to this challenge so they become stories, and you have them all in one place.

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Hi @Noemi

I think now is ready to be published! :slight_smile:

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I cannot see any Edit botton…


I assigned you the role of Content Manager as a user of So you should see it now.

Franca: please engage

@Franca : please go here:

and reply to Winnie and Yannick (comment below). Both have engaged with your comment; ignoring this signal (or even replying late) means losing momentum and wasting a positive signal from the community. Please do this ASAP. You could even ask them to help you writing the challenge: we do this a lot.

Several edits made + fellowships

Guys, wikis are there to be edited and reflect the work as it evolves. Please check my edits and make your own as needed.

@Nadia | @Noemi maybe Marco and I have found a way forward on the fellowships. Please check the wiki.

Ok, but?

Seems great that SCIMPulse is willing to support concrete community projects. The only caveat is that this time around we should only go out an announce it when there is a clear go ahead and a fair process - as with OpenandChange and Fellowships, a few weeks are needed just to craft the right message. We cant afford to mess it up this time around.

Also, accountability needs to be very clearly established - given that this involves a community we’ve been building with a lot of work and we are all held accountable, for good or bad. I suggest the communication and the funding decisions and other roles need to be very clearly established ahead of launching a public announcement. But let’s see first what conditions Marco & Co. have in mind. So,looking forward to details and a proposition- i…e if Marco needs ER engagement capacity for this.

This is always true

  1. Marco produces a draft that covers the bureucratic base. That's what covers the "clear go ahead and fair process". 
  2. I think the text should say: we are looking to appoint a fellow to do field work with one community-driven care service [insert examples]. The fellow is going to join SF staff for the duration of the project (no transfer of cash to third-party organizations). If you think you are the right person, let us know. The way to let us know is by sharing a story on ER. People who already did are already considered as potential candidates. 
  3. With him, we rework the text so that is engaging etc.
  4. The difficult thing is to do system integration, and work this + LOTE6 + call for host city + PopUp village etc. in one comprehensive narrative. 

open call text

Would this complete the open call text deliverable that we were supposed to send in May ? Please, feel free to read it and add information so that we can submit it by the end of RP1 (before Christmas, in fact).

Not happening

This will not happen before January, Luce.