All you need to know about OpenCare Fellowships: community call 9/5 at 4:30 PM CET

  1. Are you navigating deep changes in your community and want to make sense of them?

  2. Interested in communities-provided care services (social, health, technology based)?

  3. Want to connect with peers and chat about actual solutions?

OpenCare is a project run in collaboration with cities, maker spaces, research institutes, academia, communities on the ground in Europe, and especially individuals, which means each and every one of us. Starting now and throughout the next year we are building a community of Fellows with genuine interest in care and availability to share their experience and projects in different corners of the world.

We’ll dedicate Monday’s online meetup to explain, ask and learn more about the Op3nCare Fellowship program awarding writing and research awards of up to 20 000 euros during the next year.

As usual, the time for our call is Monday at 4:30 PM CET here: Jitsi Meet (courtesy of edgeryder Eirinimal!)

Date: 2016-05-09 17:30:00 - 2016-05-09 18:30:00, Europe/Amsterdam Time.