Food and care: Op3nCare Fellowships details, LOTE6 dates announced, and more!

To some of you this might be the key information of the week : Join the community call on Monday, May 2 to learn all about Op3nCare Fellowships: 30 days left to apply and become the first fellow!

SAVE THE DATE: LOTE6 Caring on the Edge, coming soon.

There’s plenty of time to prepare, but we want to run our best Living On The Edge. We’re delighted to announce that the next Edgeryders annual gathering will happen in Milano, beginning of September 2017. We have already created the Facebook event, where you can sign up. Those of you eager to start earning their tickets and help shape the conference can join an early-stage workspace and drop in ideas, time and energy.

Stories of care

Pauline wrote an  interesting testimonial from a five-year-long stay in China, pointing out how different philosophies, languages, ideas shape the healthcare experience. Care on the move - a topic that deserves quite some exploration.

Last, but not least: meet the Culture Squad

One of these longish chats during LOTE5 resulted with a plan that me and Noemi would start seriously looking for opportunities, and get a project or two, keeping in mind that this way we might be able to grow a team of Edgeryders who want to professionalize in international cultural work. Alex Levene joined us and since a couple of weeks we’re meeting with Edgeryders who have project ideas and organisations in the cultural (civic/social/tech) sector to partner up and write proposals together. Get in touch, let’s create our own work!

Noah’s ark for the agriculture - Is the Global Seed Vault in Norway humanity’s last, best hope? | Aeon Videos

Maybe good idea to start building core LOTE6 team?

Hey Guys,

it’s great we announce LOTE6 happening from now. Maybe we can invite people to contribute to  this document and signal interest for what they want to do?

This week’s conversation topic: food and Care.

@Natalia_Skoczylas check out the Edgeryders twitter stream. Some good headlines to pick up from there.