Ampliative Art: Proposal for remunerating contributors

As I proposed in “Initial strategy proposal”, it would be nice to start thinking on how we can design the crowdfunding campaign and the way we can motivate and incentive contributors (both Core Team members and collaborators).

My first thought for concreting a method to remunerate contributors through a crowdbuilding campaign, was to follow the remuneration method of the past Assembly community, a platform for crowd-building software apps which now is dead. The process was the following:

  • There are some Core Team members for each category: design, marketing, front-end, etc.

  • Everybody can open tasks: create the logo, implement x html/css, etc.

  • The core members can attach to each task an amount of virtual (imaginary) coins: for example, 40000 coins for the best logo (which will be chosen by the community).

  • Assembly made this automated, so this 40000 coins going for that user. So it calculates all the coins earned by each one, and estimate the % that each one has taking in to account all the coins earned by others. So this % represent your “share” of the “product” in comparison to others.

  • Once the “product” earns real revenues, it is distributed meritocratically according the “share” of each one.

So this is what I would like to do for remunerate and incentive possible collaborators for motivate them to crowd-build the initial version of the platform. Once this initial version was built, the remuneration system could work automatically.

For that, I’ve thought that we could do it manually, so in an open an protected document include all the virtual coins earned by each one (with the reference or link of each task). Then, if for example we achieve 20000€ in the crowdfunding campaign, this amount of money will be distributed according the “share” earned by each one through their contributions.

For the crowd-building process we could use tools as Trello or Asana, for example, and attach those virtual coins to each task.

So everyone contributor will have the same chances to earn money wherever they are from (european, african, etc), as we don’t make differences amongst all of them and we believe in equality and meritocracy.

And by the way, everyone is welcome!! Just take a view here if you would like to be a Core Member of AA, or here if you want to collaborate in what you want.

What do you think folks?

For more info on the project check out the Description page or

Any comment, critique, idea, proposal or hello also welcome :))