Ampliative Art: Proposed web platform features

Following what has been explained in the Description’s project, here is a list of the web platform features proposed initially. Note that they should be built in different phases, so don’t be afraid.


  • All actors/users can create their own profiles for free

  • Create their own galleries and make their works available (image, text, audio, video, link)

  • Follow and be followed by others

  • Receive notifications

  • Give money donations

  • Comment and criticize the contributions of the community

  • Disseminate the contributions of others

  • Propose exchanges for the works exposed

  • Send direct messages

  • Evaluate the contributions made by others

  • Take part in the decision making of the platform and Ampliative Art

  • Propose new ideas and discuss existing ones

  • Audit the accounts and movements of the organization

  • Contribute in the construction of the platform and Ampliative Art

  • Increase their community reputation according their contributions

  • Check their community reputation and their history

  • Receive distributed income according their community reputation

For more info: - Diese Website steht zum Verkauf! - Informationen zum Thema ampliativeart.

Any comment, critique, idea, proposal or hello welcome :))