Ampliative Art: Initial strategy proposal

As mentioned in the Description, this is a non for profit project. Its final mission consists of to provide an autonomous and auto-sustainable medium with which art actors around the world can enhance their work and their contributions to the community/society while they receive revenues meritocratelly according their contributions.

But before completing all the steps to provide all features as community reputation and the income distribution, we need first to focus on some phases and test if all of this works.

So, according the features proposed for the initial version of the web platform, I propose to divide the construction strategy in these phases:

  • 1: Construction of the web platform with all features related to the art procedure (creation of galleries, upload of works, allow the different donations/interactions) and integration of a democratic decision-making tool as DemocracyOS or Loomio with which the first actors/users could be involved in the process.

  • 2: Implementation of a community reputation protocol based on peer-evaluation (I propose with which the revenues achieved for the organization could be distributed meritocratelly. For this step we will require blockchain specialists.

  • 3: Integrate a collaboration tool with which everyone can contribute in the development and improvement of the web platform and Ampliative Art while their contributions can be registered and remunerated according the protocol implemented in point 2.

My proposal is to focus on phase 1 as our MVProject, and motivate all core team members and contributors involved with a meritocratic remuneration as they could feel motivated to contribute in a more regular and intense way. This remuneration could be received from a crowdfunding campaign (I propose Goteo) in which crowdfunders could contribute providing resources to allow crowd-building a web platform for empower art as commons. The terms, amount and other questions of this campaign will be discussed amongst all. More info on this remuneration method for contributors here.

I know this is a very summarized strategy, but it is only for facilitate an overview on the ongoing process.

Once we find all core members and agree on the initial strategy, we could getting started the initial tactic: discussing the crowdfunding campaign (if we follow with this idea), designing, building and launching a landing page of the project, designing an user-flow, designing a roadmap, social media campaigns, concreting fundraising strategy, etc.

For more info on the project check out the Description page or

Any comment, critique, idea, proposal or hello also welcome :))