An actual internet of humans

Apparently a group of biohackers developed an implant called the PegLeg, which creates a mesh network between the users, for file sharing etc.

" The PegLeg serves a barebones interface. When you connect to the server, it displays a short greeting. “Welcome to the first iteration of the next generation of digital communications, where even our bodies are nodes on the decentralized network,” it reads. “Please have fun, chat with people, and feel free to share any files you may like.” When I scrolled down, I found a widget to upload and browse files stored on the implant. Below that was a basic chat room open to anyone connected to the device.

The simple, text-heavy interface reminded me of the bulletin board systems of yesteryear, but with the added strangeness of knowing the network was generated in Laufer’s leg. Laufer and I used his PegLeg to chat (purely for the novelty of it, since we could also just talk), and I downloaded a 1981 issue of Omni magazine stored on his hard drive. This issue features “Johnny Mnemonic,” a short story by William Gibson about a courier who stores other people’s data in his head, which Laufer says had a big influence on him."

Read more about this human internet here on Wired: This DIY Implant Lets You Stream Movies From Inside Your Leg | WIRED

And to the techies out here (remember @zelf being really into decentralization :wink: ), how do you feel about something like this?

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and @zelf was a cyborg last week, so probably a good fit :slight_smile:


Call me old fashioned but I’d rather have that kind of thing outside my skin…

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