An EMDesk hands-on session on June, 21st?


In reference to a previous project implementation post, I propose that we all have a look together at the EMDesk tool while meeting at EHFF (especially the reporting-related section), since each one of us will have to record the financial information in July.

I thought we could do it on the Monday morning (21st), if everyone has arrived at that time.

@Alberto and @Costantino and @lakomaa (and Marie) and @markomanka and @Rossana_Torri : do you think you could be there already?

If not, we can try to schedule it later, depending on the programme.

People who will not deal with the administrative and financial aspects of the projects may not attend it.

If some of you cannot be there, we can try to catch up later and I can forward you the EMDesk documentation.

Let me know if this works for you :slight_smile:

I’m in

let’s do it!


EMDesk session scheduled


The session is now scheduled on the EMDesk calendar - every partner should have received a notification :slight_smile: