Getting ready for June (project implementation part 2)

Hello again,

As promised in a previous post, let’s talk about what is ahead for June : 4 deliverables, an internal financial report and a meeting.

The consortium meeting is for us a good opportunity to assess our work, discuss it and help each other.

This is what I propose you to do:

Before the meeting:

  • Partners preparing deliverables bring to Stockholm their final versions 
  • Everyone completes / updates the budget tracker 

During the meeting:

  • We review the deliverables together one last time before submission (if changes have to be made, we have time to do so and we can submit on the due date) 
  • We have a look together at the budgets, and I will be there to answer your questions
  • We have a look all together at the EMDesk platform (= where you will record your financial information for reports)

After the meeting:

  • Everyone records its financial data on EMDesk before July, 20th 
  • End of July: I verify one last time and consolidate the consortium data.

I will be there to help you - do not hesitate to call me :slight_smile: