An evolving list of candidates to two positions as non-executive directors of ER LBG

Edgeryders LBG, the company built on top of the Edgeryders community, is recruiting two non-executive directors with advisory and oversight functions. Community members who wish to serve in that role have been invited to step forward. We here recap the candidatures who have come in so far, as of April 27th 2015 (the links lead to the comments where the candidature is stated). If you want to step forward as a candidate director, please do so. A statement of interest in which you say why and how you would like to serve on the board would be welcome. If you care to support one of the people who have already stepped forward, please do so publicly by leaving a comment in a place where it is easy for people to find it.

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Please others add candidatures here if we have forgotten any.

Background information:

Consensual selection

At this stage these candidates should be having a discussion amongst themselves as well as with other community members as to whether there is a consensus ( and, if not, what the points of contention are ) as to the direction, governance and strategy of the community and company  should be over the next year.

If there is a clear consensus as to who the best “non-exec’s” woud be then the community should be able to indicate that to the other candidates and they can indicate their withdrawal.

Failing that we will organise an election process.


Hi everyone,

just a quick note (maybe unnecessary since the process has not been moving forward for many months now) that I wish to withdraw my candidacy for the ER community director position. As my presence on the company admin board was purely motivated by understanding company affairs better in order to serve the community, I also would like to hand back the right to be part of that. @Alberto, maybe you can take me off?

Thank you all,


Sure thing

Hello @katalin and all – yes, this process has failed. We have a different one in mind, but the board did not feel comfortable starting it before being formally renewed by an AGM. We held the AGM on August the 5th, so now the new board can make a move. We will hopefully approve the process in the coming weeks – everybody is traveling, exhausted or both.

Taking you off the admin group.