🔔 Announcement: login system and forum software changes

This morning, we concluded some improvements to our forum software here:

  1. New Discourse. We upgraded to Discourse 3.1, the latest major release of our forum software. You’ll see new features and small software changes here and there.

  2. New auth system. Logins and signups now happen directly here on https://edgeryders.eu/. This makes signup, logging in and changing your e-mail address and password straightforward and easy.

    (Click for more details)

    Before this change, we had a common login system, located at communities.edgeryders.eu. The idea was to host a network of federated Discourse forums. However, this idea did not really work out – certainly not commercially, but also by not finding a set of forums with sufficient user base overlap to deserve a common login. So we dissolved the common login system now, to simplify the user experience.

    All our federated Discourse forums (“Edgeryders Communities” as we called them) continue to work and we will keep hosting them, free of charge. But just as edgeryders.eu, all have their own independent login systems now. The existing user accounts on these forums continue to work. And here on edgeryders.eu, even everyone’s password continues to work. (On the other forums, you will have to reset your password once at the next login.)

  3. New hosting. This forum is now running in a new way (“multisite”), on a new server, at a new hoster (Infomaniak), using a new hosting control system (open source OpenStack). As a forum user, you should not notice any changes here.

  4. New chat system. In the top right of this Discourse site, you see now a speech bubble, leading to a new, Discourse-integrated chat system. It replaces our Matrix / Element based chat system. To keep it simple, we have one community and one access protected company chat channel now, but you can always start personal chats, or propose other channels we should provide.

If you experience any issues with the new software and login system, as usual please create a new topic in this Software (General) category, and mention Daniel (@daniel) or me (@matthias). At this point, a big thanks to Daniel, who did the bulk of the work.