Announcing the Winners of the Aaba Hamro Paalo Challenge

It’s been an exciting week - we were constantly getting email notifications. That normally seems like a good reason to get away and never check your inbox again, but this time it felt different. Me and Matthias, who works at the same table, would shout out loud the titles once they appeared on the platform, and rush reading what new, inspiring stuff you prepared for us. 23 pieces, that means quite some great ideas, that means quite some moments of amazement and surprise.

Later on, six people from three different countries and with various fields of expertise sat down and evaluated your pieces and came up with the following winners.

Awards for the best articles:

  1. @Shova_Sharma for "विपत्तिमा युवाको भूमिका"
  2. @Sneha_Pandey for "Humoring Our Flaws Away"
  3. @Dedreamer for "Unsteady thoughts"
  4. @Dhhakal for "Motivation. Discipline. Inclusion."
  5. @Prabin_Shrestha for "Organizing ‘what’ and leading ‘whom’ in ‘empty spaces’?"
  6. @Shalav for "Let's Create a Thriving Country"

Moreover, we have one special “Young Writers Award” – for an encouraging piece called “Let us be united”, we hope to read more from you, dear @salina_maharjan! Thank you for proving your skills among many talented and older people :wink:

Finally, for the “Great Debate Award” – the bit-off-the-track piece on edible forests hit the spot on the Edgeryders platform, generating an interesting discussion that pretty well presents what happens with ideas if you throw them on a platform full of creative heads.

@sudiplingthep, thank you for sharing this project with us – now we expect to read more about its implementation here on :wink: Feel free to ask around there for links, tips and help!

Obviously we want you around during our final event, where the awards will be handed over. So, see you this Saturday 25 July in Bikalpa Art Cafe (BAC) in Pulchowk, Kathmandu!