Anticipate ! Exploring Collective Intelligence Design

@soenke the info on the minisite is taken from the posts here, so if the posts are updated here, it should change there in about 5 min time

Hi @soenke, I was travelling.
Could we talk this week?

Thanks a lot for your answer!

Warm regards,

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@lylycarrillo of course ! Thu or Fr morning, else email me with suggestions, looking fwd !

Great! Thursday or Friday morning are fine for me. Do you have time today at 10am? Zoom?

@lylycarrillo sorry today was pretty chaotic. Tom 10:00 is fine, feel free to send zoom link or I will tomorrow

Hi @soenke, I just see your message, sorry.
Could we coordinate our call via email?

@soenke Are we having the zoom meetup we spoke about at this moment or has it been post- or even preponed :wink: ?

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@nihilsbaxter not sure, in transit right now, so cannot be part of the community call

uhkay - well good journey then!

@Nihilsbaxter I think call is here

the calls are every Tuesday 18:00. will include you in the reminders in future! :slight_smile:

Hi Maria, could you also include me in the reminders, please?

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Ok will do so :). Next call is on Tuesday 18:00

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re auto-updates don’t think that is true for profile info though

@MariaEuler @soenke Thanks! Is it the same Zoom - space ( everytime or could I get the link with your reminder?

Is there a google calendar for this? I don’t want to miss it :slight_smile:

Yes it is the same link. Will add the Google calender link in a bit

@soenke I am not sure what you are referring to? What profile?

Hi all,

I have introduced myself shortly here: How to balance the needs of the individual and the collective? Collective Intelligence and more....

And also talked to Soenke last week, and we happily got a good connection.

I contribute to the area of collective intelligence in several ways as researcher and entrepreneur, and I take a mixed approach of Online and Offline methods and technologies and its combination.

For example:

  • As Entrepreneur (and somehow artist), at the yearly Build Peace Conference I organize workshops and interactive exhibitions on Co-creation. You can see 2 photos of the exhibition here: (this is a draft website that needs to still be finished) You see there my daughter and some screens and projections. We do this together. She is a Minecraft expert and she supports me to help others with the computers in case it is too much for me when there is too much people. We do exercises in which we use co-creation of the ideal home place for a person on paper, lego, and also on Minecraft. We learn to co-draw, co-decide, co-design, co-budget.

  • As researcher: I have for example co-written 4 projects to the Nesta call on Collective Intelligence. I hope that at least one of them gets some budget. One of the project ideas is about collective decision making tools, and a study of polarization/collaboration. Another one is related to intergenerational collective decision making. Another one is about Decentralized/Distributed Governance, and another one about Swarm Human Intelligence. Probably one of this projects ideas or the combination of all of them could be submitted to a H2020 call on democracy, collective decision making. We will be looking into this with @soenke

  • As a speaker, I work mostly on awareness, showing to people that we can transform the way we decide and do it collaboratively, also transform our organizations and in general society, for more participation, and horizontal organizations. Talks vary from TEDx, to other international conferences on Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Peace Movements. I can give a list of these but will only post the TEDx for now:

I hope to collaborate with more people over here <3
Initially I feel that the collaboration will start with Soenke, probably with a follow up event in Brussels. Let’s see how this unfolds… :slight_smile:

Warm regards,

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Thank you very much for this introduction @lylycarrillo! This sounds amazing! You mentioned that you are shortly hosting an event, could you tell us more about that?