Anticipate ! Exploring Collective Intelligence Design

Anticipate ! Exploring Collective Intelligence Design


  • Organiser: @soenke
  • Location: Saarbruecken, multiple venues
  • Event: A welcoming, low-threshold, non-nerd workshop series around specific areas of collective intelligence design - data sovereignty, community architectures, and cooperative data governance - to bring people concerned about tech into site-specific co-creation processes to address concrete needs for collaborative solutions.
  • Languages: We have multilingual teams and can make a diverse group of people feel at home, but given the local focus of these workshops, most participants will speak German.

Co-hosted by xm:lab - Experimental Media Lab and K8 of the Academy of Fine Arts Saar.

The workshop series is part of an ongoing exploration of collective intelligence design as a way of giving speculation authority to act in the present. Taking placing during the academic year, the workshops are also being integrated into seminars dedicated to “Cultures of Open” and “The Art of Decision”.

Workshop I Data Sovereignty

  • Times: 10.00 - 15:30
  • Location: East Side Fab - Halle 11, Eschbergerweg 40, 66121 Saarbrücken

Theme: Basic introduction to the ways in which our daily activities generate data flows and the ways in which these may be harnessed to support autonomy and self-determination. We will look specifically at health- and workplace-related data, as this data is arguably the most personal, sensitive, and vulnerable to misuse. At the same time, it is precisely because of this that it offers a way to engage with data sovereignty concerns.

Context: Developing a holistic approach to data literacy begins with awareness of the many overlapping data-generating contexts we pass through as we live and labor. As far as the bigger picture is concerned, this is it a key step toward co-designing that which affects how we act - collective intelligence design enables deep engagement with the socio-technological infrastructures structuring and sustaining our agency. Workshop in cooperation with Open Saar e.V.

Workshop II Data Governance and Decentralized Technologies

  • Times: 14:00 - 18:00
  • Location: K8, Ufergasse 2, 66111 Saarbrücken

Theme: New ideas related to data governance have come from communities engaging with blockchain technologies. We will take a look at some of these ideas and bring them together with approaches from the cooperative universe. Workshop II offers in-depth follow-up to Workshop I.

Context: Decentralized technologies have become key areas of collective intelligence design experimentation. While some of these efforts have been criticized for reproducing the not-so-open geek cultures of tech research (“blokechain”), these technologies are too important to leave them to the usual techno-libertarian suspects. So we need to find ways to bring more people into a key systems design process.

Workshop III Community Architectures

  • Times: 10:00 - 16:00
  • Location: xm:lab, Keplerstr. 3-5, 66117 Saarbrücken / Blida, Metz

Theme: How do we bring sustainable architecture / upcycling / renewable energy communities into the design process of a workspace for a new commons-oriented cooperative? We will look at two existing spaces and co-develop a vision for a new space here in Saarbrücken. Following a (remote) walk-through of COACTlab in Barcelona we will visit Bliiida in Metz, France, just across the border.

Context: Members of the Academy of Fine Arts Saar have initiated the foundation of a cooperative (s:coop) to actively contribute to a new economy. Locally, this has involved exchanges with various actors from freelancing, innovation, and start-up communities. Now the time has come to develop and design a physical space that can operate as a community architecture. And one way to get started is to look what others have already done.

Who will participate?

  • Members of Open Saar e.V.
  • Soenke Zehle @soenke
  • Julia Hartnik, Co-CEO, K8
  • Hannes Käfer, Director, Digital Production Center, HBKsaar
  • William Lloyd-George @William_COACT
  • Liliana Carillo @lylycarrillo, Digityser, Brussels
  • Andrea Barbiero, Salus Coop, Barcelona
  • Jens Dittrich, Big Data Analytics Group @ Saarland University
  • Uto Scheidt, DIDP, Saarland University

To be confirmed

  • Members of Technoport, Luxembourg
  • Members of CNA, Luxembourg
  • Members of s:coop, Saarbrücken
  • You!

Frequently asked questions

How do I get an invitation/ticket to this workshop?

Complete the registration form:

How is this event being organised?

This event, and the festival it is part of, is coordinated on the edgeryders platform (where you are now) and co-curated through a series of community video calls. We have allocated a collaboratively managed budget for the festival and operate on a solidarity basis. Participants who need some financial support to organise or be able to participate in the festival are eligible provided they contribute towards making it a meaningful and generative experience for all - in the run up to, during and/or after the event. If you would like to join us but are unsure as to how to contribute, don’t worry. Create an edgeryders account, then tell us a bit about yourself here and we will guide you along from there.

How is this all financed?

This event is part of the NGI Forward project Generation Internet (NGI) initiative, launched by the European Commission in the autumn of 2016. It has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 825652 from 2019-2021. You can learn more about the initiative and our involvement in it at

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Does getting involved mean I endorse the funders views or actions?

No. What you are doing is contributing to an open consultation on the topic of how to build a next generation of internet infrastructure, technologies, business models etc that promotes the wellbeing of humans and the natural environment. The consultation methodology is designed in such a way as to allow for diversity of views, premises, disciplines, themes and contexts. We employ open notebook science principles and the results will be presented in the form of a research report accessible to everyone after the event. You can follow the process, review the methodology and open source tech we are using and engage directly with the research and coordination team here:

What is the code of conduct?

It is important to us that everyone in the room feels welcomed and safe; if you have any particular concerns or needs just send me a PM here on the platform or write to .

The Edgeryders online platform technology and activities are intended for people to cooperate within and across projects trying to build a better world. The word “better” has here a fairly broad range of meaning. These Community Guidelines are here to help you understand what it means to be a member of Edgeryders. Don’t forget that your use of Edgeryders is subject to these Community Guidelines and our Terms of Service.

What happens with my data?

You can read about our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy here. Also:


Looks really interesting: Do you have a nice image we can use to promote it like a miniflyer or nice photo/illustration we can use with cc license/permission?

flyer templates for everyone coming soon :slight_smile:

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Asked the two colleagues in the image if they are ok with that, will let u know. Will also check locally which other logos need to go into the flyer, should I add that or upload the logos to the folder? Also: talked to William, he wants to come, but also needs info on finances (can u cover his travel / accommodation cost directly) etc.

@soenke regarding the logos, I you can add those yourself that would be great, otherwise send them to me, via the folder is fine.

regarding William: Great! To what would his travels and commendation amount? Are they already in the budget or not?

@MariaEuler Hi Maria, @William_COACT and I agreed that it makes more sense to bring him over for a longer event / residency later, in the context of the now finalized program for the 3 workshops we’ll combine a remote walk-through of COACT Lab’s spaces and projects with another site visit here in the greater region (Metz is a French city about 30mins away by train). I uploaded logos f K8, HBKsaar and xm:lab into the flyer folder. Tomorrow I (like every week on Tue) have another obligation at 18:00 but am happy to talk on Wed / Thu if that helps, I for one would be grateful for that since the Tuesday slot just doesn’t work for me…

Ok, great. How about Wednesday 11:00 or 15:00?

Wed 15 is perfect, many thx !

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great, shedeuled the meeting for tomorrow 15:00

Also: Added the logos you gave me @soenke to the flyers:

I changed the header of the event to it as well.

Can we set up a facebook event for it?

ready now, sorry for the delay

I would love to be part of this, and contribute with a my location in Brussels (DigitYser) and also as speaker and with workshops. I have given several talks on this.

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@lylycarrillo fantastic, let’s talk about that soon…next Monday 11/4 work for you?

the facebook event is up. Who could be a content responsible fb cohost?

Hi @MariaEuler did you get me emails about the fb cohost and corrections of the first workshop location (adjusted here already, but not yet on your fb post)? What else do you need? Best, Soenke

Hello Sönke,

I had Nadia make me a co-host yesterday somi can directly take care of that. Will do it tonight

@MariaEuler thx much. Does the festival site display current profile info? Updazed but festival site does not seem changed