Any plans for the Agency to roll out over the summer?

Hi @Said Hamideh & co.,

So the Spot the Future project which took almost all of the agency’s efforts is cooling off, with only July left to share the final research report and get it reviewed by the community. By the way do you have any up-to-date aggregated social media reports which we can use as evaluation tools? I’ve seen both the facebook and twitter account # of followers skyrocketing this spring, compared to February 2014, but this is superficial level. Maybe write a post about it?

Then I’m wondering what would be the priorities over the next months and how can the rest of us here help? A couple of things in the pipeline, as you might know, are the

  1. Upcoming LOTE4: The Stewardship event, preps under way & launch in the next days.

  2. Distributed social media team - daily headlines for the edgeryders official and members’ accounts, crowdsourced via a community mailing list. This serves directly one of the Agency’s goal, which is to manage the information load and costs of a distributed team. Story & copy for emails here. I can help with this if you want.

  3. Storytelling for valuable participation - helping Edgeryders community members get better at communicating the themes or issues they care about in a way that makes them accessible and engaging for the world at large. an idea discussed previously which can be developed starting from the upcoming Communication kit. I can also put in some time here, waiting to hear from @aden.

  4. Anything else from your initial social media plan ? I may be missing some things - especially if efforts have been made on generating work for the agency aside from the agreement with ER LBG?  Unfortunately neither nor load, so I can’t get hold of news on that front.

Yes, preparations for lote4/ Edgeryders autumn already underway

Next we need to:

  • Give the Community Stewardship conversation some focus and narrative edge. Perhaps one way could be by making the objective to collaboratively produce a high quality book and biweekly editorials/blogposts with additional influencer marketing support (work in progress) for contributors. I think I remember that @nathanairplane is interested in exploring new cooperative models: are you interested in getting involved in joining the editorial team and shaping the discourse/ book?
  • Get the ball rolling on the daily headlines email.
  • Get up Social Media Calendar Wiki with key dates and releases. It needs to contain instructions for the distributed social media team.

Natalia and I are sitting down this weekend to go over the plan for the next few months including the social media/comms work. A sneak peak

1) This (work in progress) is how Said is driving participation and sourcing of high quality content ahead for and in preparation of LOTE4 sessions. With help from an Editorial team this could be really good. Background:

2) @Natalia Skoczylas is doing communication, writing, social media support and search for people in Paris.