Appointments with the confesseurs

Hi @reeflings

As you might remember (or not), we are organising another round of confesseurs meetings and they will take place in the following format:

  • online if you’ve met them already (please send your availabilities to me (directly))

  • on site for very new joiners and it will take place on Saturday, 27 May as of 12pm in Brutopia, Av. Van Volxem 381C. To organise things better, can every new reefling @Sebastien, @Julien , @CaroB , @Lea , @Adriana let me know when they could be available on Saturday afternoon. Every meeting is per household and lasts 30min. No preparation needed. Ideally, we would have several back to back meetings not to waste confesseurs’ time.

If you wonder about the confesseur process as such that i presented during the last plenary, please refer to the explanation above (Lee’s post & internal link to proposal).

Look forward for your answer,


Hi Ugne,
Thanks for this meeting’s organisation !
If possible i would prefer as early as possible.
Thanks, seb

Hey Ugne, I’m not in Brussels that day :expressionless:

I can do it online another day if possible for the confesseurs.

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Hi Ugne,

Thanks for organising this meeting. For us any time before 15h will suit.
Kind regards, Caroline

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Meanwhile, welcome @CaroB !

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Hi Ugne,
Thank you for organising! We can make it possible anytime that afternoon.
Have a nice weekend,

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Hi Ugne,

On Saturday I would like to meet as late as possible as I am coming back from the Netherlands early afternoon.


Dear @Sebas
Would starting at 1pm is too late? Yu would be the first. Should i push for 12:30?

Hi Adriana, it seems there might be only 3 households available, but i can try to push it for 2pm or perhaps 2:30pm at the latest, is that ok?

That’s ok Ugne - I’ll make it work. Just in case of unexpected traffic jams: who can I contact (by phone)?


HI @Adriana , i will send you a phone on the chat (Signal), if ok.
I see that you haven’t yet registered at the registry

> here

, so i don’t see your phine number :slight_smile: could you please add it and send me a quick note? My phone is +32478719714

Dear Ugne, 1pm is perfect, thanks a lot ! seb

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Hi @Lea , @Ryan, @CaroB & @Peter & @Adriana , would it be possibly to kindly ask you to fill the registry here so i can send the right contact details to the confesseurs. Thank you!

Done :slight_smile:

done too :slight_smile:

Hi everyone involved: @Lea , @Julien , @Sebas , @Adriana , @CaroB
I am so so sorry, but i have just been told that one confesseurs can’t attend Saturday because he is at the event the whole weekend. Is there any way, you would be available on the same times on either Saturday, 3 June or Sunday, 3 June? Apologies for this last minute changes.

Hi Ugne, 3rd or 4th June should work for us.

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Hello Ugne, sorry we will be both in Canada from 2 to 13 june. Sébastien

Seb, what about Monday, 29 May online?

I could make me free the 3th in the afternoon

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