Apps for pemphigus?

Hello there,   I am copying a story on behalf of Filippo, a volunteer to the community of  pemphigus, an auto-immune disease that affects skin layers, causing them to detach, form blisters, among other complications.   Filippo will join the conversation, but we wanted to speed up the onboarding barrier, while link the story to other software volunteers whom we met at the MakerFaire in Rome.  Lets see how his works :wink:

" Just as first input, a simple idea that is needed is a “scratching indicator”?
This is something missing in the scenario, I mean some app that using a wearable device (like a apple watch or something designed ad hoc – a simple arduino like mb with an accelerometer should be sufficient) can identify the scratching movement of the arm an apply an indicator.
The objective is to measure a quantity (a number) that indicate the duration and the intensity of scratching activity of te patient, building a sort of standard to be used for that  that kind of patoloty and patients to be used to analyze the efficacy of specific therapy on one of the worst and less understood symptoms, the itching. 
This could be the starting point of this app for pemphigus/pemphigoid patients, (but not limited to them), that can be integrated with other functionalities aiming to “measure” efficacy of therapies granting an indication of the status of the patient.
Do you think this could be a valid input to start the discussion?"