Offline/online engagement on-going case study


So I want to share a sample case study that is currently develpoing on how online/offline onboarding and engamenet is developing:

  1. We met Filippo at the MakerFaire last October.  It took over 3 weeks to establish connection back with Filippo, find his free time, and get his attention to re-share his story. 
  2. Filippo only shared his story by email, with us, because he couldn't figure out what to do otherwise (kind of common, with different levels of complexities, in anything that requires log-in)
  3. I shared Filippo's story on his behalf,  then it took another week to establish a connection with a potential interested problem solver, Peter, whom we met also at the faire (the person behind this solution:
  4. The problem solver is super interested in Filippo's case, but this super advanced hacker, couldn't  figure out how to actually respond to the story on Edgeryders.
  5. Realistically, we need 2 more weeks, before we get Peter, and Filippo to start to have a meaning conversation on-line with out current setting.

I find it super valuable that we design, and share process of offline/online community engagement,  it will help us:  a) analyze patterns,   b) make realistic assumptions about qualitative analysis

Considering factors of time, tech onboarding, right matching (the coinsicence of meeting X person and Y person whose projects would click), then, the probablities of having a boom of stories and conversation becomes less likely, at least in this kind of specific engagement pattern, which however, has a great potential of delivering real value solution, with a product.