April 17-23: What we are doing to build the OpenVillage this week and how you can help!

Join the openvillage drop in video chat ! Today and every Wednesday at 18:00 CET here


OpenVillage is a participant-run festival. We know everyone is busy, so we make it easy and fun for everyone who wants to contribute.

The video chat is a nice way to quickly get an overview of what is going on and why we are so excited about it. Plus you meet others in the community!

If you cannot make it to the call, or want to go ahead we have prepared a number of this that need doing this week. If you have any questions or want to let us know you are working on one of them, just leave a comment below…

  1. Write calls for sessions and exhibitions to participate in Meet the OpenCarers track. We need your help to ensure contributions are relevant to generating new knowledge and opportunities for the people who have shared stories of their care-related experiences and projects.

How you can help? Pick one of the threads below, read stories people have posted about their experiences and share your thoughts around a possible theme  (see Winnie’s example to get an idea)…

2. Write one thoughtful blog post each in which we introduce ourselves to one another by sharing our care-related experiences and projects here.

  1. Prepare a budget spreadsheet for the OpenVillage Festival conference and exhibition. This will give us a clear idea of what resources are available for covering travel expenses, materials etc for people who contribute to building the event.

Want to help with any of this? Not sure how to get started?

Just leave a comment below or write to community@edgeryders.eu.

Calls for sessions done.

Or in forever progress :slight_smile:

They are now briefs to engage participants in submitting stories and sessions, as well as interact with others around major themes.

Each call outlines questions prompted by great stories in opencare in the last year.

Start here and browse them, if you find inconsistencies give me a heads up.

[next up for me: sending out invites + budget for the exhibition]