Are you making life changing decisions after the elections result?

Hello all,
I’m wondering how you are feeling with this result?
Whether you are on one side or the other, are your personal or family plans affected by this?

Sending my best to everyone!
Noemi from Brussels


After the elections the atmosphere in Poland is marked by frustration and mistrust towards politicians, especially now, when the country is leaving the Istanbul Convention


Yes, I was just reading that news.

@ja66er do you see people around you reacting to this?
It’s a pity, because the country is so polarised and probably at least half of the Poles are unhappy with the way things are going. Do you see anything other than social unrest…? Some concrete initiatives that are being taken?

The rally against this shameful withdrawal was organized in many cities last Friday. In Wroclaw where I live there are many protests and demonstrations every week, but the numbers are small.

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