Arrange and Shoot another Interview for Video: The Future is Not a Control Room

Decide upon, arrange and shoot another interview (preferably someone from a different field to our existing participants, preferably a woman).

I’ll be taking my camera along to the Berlin LOTE4 Nomadic Tour meeting, of course, but we shouldn’t rely on that - it may be dark and noisy, and I don’t know exactly who is coming and if there’s anyone suitable.

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What if I set up a meeting with Elene Margvelashvili of Iare Pekhit in Tbilisi tomorrow or wednesday and ask someone with a good camera to shoot it? I might have friends who can lend something to me, or help me in other ways. It wont be the best, but it might be ok?

I think that’s a worthwhile option, if you end up doing it, just follow the tips on the Interview framework (particularly the camera position setup diagram and of course ‘get the microphone close’). I think interviewing ben and lauren makes sense too, as I can also direct them a little more to make sure we get the right tone of responses we’re looking for.

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set up an interview with elene for tomorrow 4pm, only need to get a camera to shoot it, but hope this will work itself out. will share it with you guys right away.

discarding this task as @NicoBis and Daniele say they have enough good footage from Rome & unMonastery.