Assign to "juniors" a 700 words blogpost on why they are pairing with a "senior"

This task is to get participants and aspiring ones curious about the sessions proposed.

We need to pair senior speakers with juniors, for example Ezio with Ayham; Giulio Q with Natalia, Nadia with Bob, so that juniors curate a 700 words post on why the session is important and the topic hot. 

Rewards for juniors: have the opportunity to co-create the WS with a senior.

We need 4 posts by end of next week.

One up

I went more along the lines of featuring one speaker a week e.g. Bob Palmer. It might be easier to do given the time constraints.

We’re still waiting for final confirmation from Giulio.

@Nadia do you want to introduce Meredith Patterson and Walter van Holst? Their sessions are titled “Interoperability and Death” and “Europe and its people: a fail in democracy” but both have the data and information angles to them.


will do. When do you want to publish it?


You’ll meet at least Walter at ccc, so maybe before or during those days? Anytime will be good though, not counting on too much action during the holidays anyway, so we will make the most of these posts early Jan I think.