Hi all, I’m new to edgeryders but very excited about spot the future.  I am a big fan of getting stuff done through networks of active citizens rather than organizational hierarchies of people telling one another what to do.  This is ironic as I work for UNDP in Armenia.  But the more I work with non-contractibles, the more I am becoing non-contractible.


hello Lurglomond,

welcome on board of Edgeryders!

I totally share your point against hierarchies of people telling one another what to do and I am looking forward to collaborate with you.

Thanks Vahagn.  I’ve been reading your earlier posts - v. impressive.  Also looking forward to collaborating.

Welcome, let’s try to catch up

I’ll be re-connecting to my local networks here in Yerevan in the comming weeks, after more than a month abscence and being busy with foreign projects. If you are in Yerevan, let me know what are your specific fields of interest and let’s see if we can join our efforts and collaborate.

Hi and welcome to Edgeryders

The idea is to put together a tour which starts with participants meeting here on the Edgeryders platform and then meeting one another first in local workshops,  

Have you both seen the Spot the Future Information pack wiki?

Im going to be putting together a website similar to this one and need help in reaching out to friends we haven’t met yet in Armenia, and engage them to join us. I need help in producing the content for the site and the landing pages here on the platform. As well as reaching out to communities and organisations that want to co-host the tour in Armenia.  

Any suggestions/ideas? Are you guys up for helping ?

Just added my org on the “Spot the Future Information pack wiki”

Just had a quick look at the wiki and will read it more carefully soon. I can help ito reach out to more people, as well as will help to produce the content of the website. I have a yoga hall in the very center of Yerevan and can host events there, if I know when exactly are they going to happen.

In general - I keep myself free and can be quite helpful in the coming weeks, but need some kind of plan, because I am also involved in organization of Urban Communities Convergence in Berlin, which can actually be a great parallel process to present here as an example of really cool stuff we could also start doing here in Armenia. 

Yes, very happy to help.  I don’t know much about web development, but I have been adding potential venues to the Wiki.  Will talk about spot the future to anyone who’ll listen.

about the urban communities convergence in berlin ?

hello [Vahagn] can u give me more info about that urban communities convergence in Berlin. I am an  egyptian student but just arrived in berlin  for the summer semester at TU .I study urban development and this sounds very interesting


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Nice to meet you :slight_smile:

Hi Lurglomond,

nice to meet you. I hear whay you’re saying.

The fun and tricky thing about designing for real engagement is that you have to engage people in building a shared initiative from the beginning. And leave it for those who so wish to drive it in whatever direction they see as relevant. Once once you experience just how cool it is when the magic happens, it’s really difficult to settle for anything less. Which I guess has it’s disadvantages too. Just can’t think of any yet :))

Thanks for the link. So after having read some of the posts that have already been submitted, I thought a synthesis would be helpful. Maybe leave a comment?