Basilicata's people engage

Hi, as you all know I’m a contact for all of you and I’ll spend most of the time from now until lote4 in Matera, trying to attract local people that are doing interesting project to join us.

I’m organizing my work, I’ll do a little trip of Basilicata searching for good and positive reality and I’ll interview the people and invite to lote4. I’ll begin in the next weekend from Matera, starting from the good work that unmonasteryans did, and than I move to other city where I know interesting organizations. I’ll write post on my blog and I’ll try to do video too, where is possible.

I’ll help in social media campaign and if somebody need something from me can contact me here or in my personal mail account

Sorry for my english, I’m trying to improve it…


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Is your post up for sharing?

Hi @NicoBis, looking forward to this.

Perhaps it would be useful to share here the link to your latest invitation to Lote4 in Italian:

(I was suggesting on twitter to change the header since it’s outdated)

We’ll try to spread it among the Italians we know in the upcoming days.

re: Social Media: Starting tomorrow you’re most welcome to share Edgeryders daily headlines through your network (Natalia is sending email to everyone helping with social media), and although most updates are in English you can translate the ones you think would be interesting into Italian - that is, when you share them from your accounts… Hope this helps!


I put the photo you suggest me and, sure, we can start to push it, like a little call of action to twitterstorm.

I wait instruction for social media strategy and I’ll help in it, off course. Hugs