BiaBox Ireland and OV(Food)Ns

‘Bia’ is the Gaelic word for ‘food’. BiaBox is an Irish initiative to shorten food supply distribution chains and remove carbon costs from local food supply facilitating local food supply using electric cargo bike delivery and online shopping. As part of activities in the GET Local model, Biabox is a revenue generator for further community supported initiatives aimed toward carbon neutral community resilience.

Recently,  via conversations with team at Sensorica, we have been exploring the potential for use of the Open value Network and Open Value Accounting systems as a connective infrastructure for facilitation of global/local foodsystems.

We are keen to develop here our work here in Ireland and to continue to work together with other food-based initiatives exploring and developing technologies and infrastructure to facilitate collaborative development of this area.

We are excited to hear more about how you see this project moving forward and what part we might play in that unfolding.