Oh nice, the foodies gathering here ... makes sense to have a closer get-together?

It’s interesting to see that the Food Supply Unchained group is developing its own life :stuck_out_tongue: with @Barbara representing Food Republic@Eimhin showing us BiaBox and Elf connecting us to lots more innovative food projects.

That got us (@Micha and me) on an idea today: Can’t we just all get together, we and all the small food initiatives in Europe, and find out how we can collaborate in better and very concrete ways?

Getting together and showing and teaching us what works and what not is valuable in itself, yet what’s missing on top of that would be developing our common food infrastructure. If this strikes a chord, such a foodie get-together could have the potential to be another social mixer for institutional actors and the edgy people – like we at Edgeryders like to do in our LOTE series of events.

Any specific result you would most like to have from such an event that gathers Europe’s small-scale food initiatives?

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