Biologist Activist

Hi I am Gilad Gomé,
Currently Biologist in residence at media innovation lab at the inter disciplinary center

in 2016 I started an independent mission to open Zika Virus Diagnostics in Brazil.

I am interested in connecting with new people and opening more biodata to anyone.
I am especially interested in creating tools that allow people to “read” DNA\RNA.

Thank you,



Hi Gilad,

welcome to edgeryders. Don’t know if you’ve seen but we’re running a festival in Brussels on oct 19-21, might be a nice opportunity to meet in meatspace.

In here are several people in the community who are looking towards/engaged at the intersections of open science & tech, health/social care and communities. You’ll find a lot of them in the OpenCare groups here:

Some like @markomanka work within institutions, others are running independent hackspaces and labs. @winnieponcelet has been in touch with most of them. Also @alberto and @melancon may have some helpful suggestions or contacts. @mitsu_hadeishi is somehow involved at the intersections of health and tech in SF. Maybe @noemi has more suggestions?

Ok those are top of mind :slight_smile:

Hi @GiladGome ,
nice to read you. As Nadia said it would be great if you considered coming to the Open Village in October. There will be quite some scientist activists, as you call them, present to share their work and learn from each other.

For tools that allow people to read DNA/RNA, two projects come to mind: DigiBio, open source microfluidics devices ( and Cell-Free Tech (, who produce cell-free extract. They’re both young companies, have prototypes and are very open to cool projects for their beta program.

Thanks Nadia!
very interested in meeting you all here and offline.
Will try to apply for Brussels for sure!
Also i Am interested in the event in Amman and would like to know the organizers…


Thanks! I know cell free and signed up for beta just now thanks to your recommendation!


interesting, could you please elaborate more on this.

yes, Check out our project on\zikalika it is now continuing RnD in the CRI in Paris. TLDR - if you now what you are looking for a PCR reaction can give you a yes\no answer. for example - do I have Zika? is this water safe? does this mosquito carry dengue?
Anything about the meetup in Amman?

hope this answers


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Hi @GiladGome, I’m Noemi and contributing to good information flows around here :slight_smile: Community manager since six years now. To keep up to date with the workshop developments - now finding spaces and people - please see these questions and answer them in a comment? That contributes to good outcomes and ensures you will be kept up to speed… as a lot of the preparatory work will happen in the digital. Massive thanks and also to @unknown_author for making the connection!