Bishoy Abd, a newcomer

Hello guys,

I am new here.I am Bishoy Abd From Egypt.

I am studying electronics engineering at menoufia University Egypt. I am also doing Robotics and android.
I have my startup company “Cactus”.We still small, maybe tiny startup. but we have plans, passion, and hard work.we have an Android application released to the play store.

I did not know how important is the international experience till I have to take part in an international robotics competition and involve with different backgrounds.I have quite a decent number of connections all over the world and I am pursuing to make new ones.I always say that diversity is a power, that is an important reason why I wanted to collaborate on this project.

Looking forward to working with you.

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hey @bishoyabd welcome here :smiley:

can you tell us more about “Cactus” how it came to be, and what do you think is needed to grow ?

since you showed interest in the coffee sorter machine let me introduce @matthias who is leading the project, also @imake Islam who is going to contribute to the project while working on some interesting stuff and @Bakr who is joining us from Egypt as well.

do you have a specific interest or something that you want to dig deeper/ play with/ learn more about during the coming months ?

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One day we got together (four friends and me).It was clear that every one of us has a different background, a different mindset, and a different career, some of us showed interests in Software while the others were so passionate about robotics. And I was interested in both.

We had no plans at the very beginning, just enthusiasm and a little experience.We started to make plans .about our future and skills we want to work on and improve.

Three of us take part in our faculty robotics competition “advanced line follower” and they got the second place. And also participated in Minia Robotics Competition and achieved the first place. So we were like prize hunters. Collecting money from local competitions.

Now we have one desktop android app and one IOT project “currently searching for a manufacturer and investor for our first release”.

We have been through many difficulties.The most important one was the entrepreneurial mind, none of us have it.this is a common problem for most engineers in Egypt and in all Arab world, I guess.
The gap between what was in our mind at the very first beginning, what we believe in, and the reality was huge like the sun, yet with a bit of luck, we could hardly pass its gravity.

At present we are working on another android app “recycleasy app” to connect garbage collectors with houses, this time we have a belief that there is significance to the problem being addressed, because it involves many aspects including Energy, cleanness and of courses economic profit, Yet again the gap between our ideas and the reality is extremely huge.
Let’s hope things change.

This is a big project involving many team members from widely separated locations who is very skilled and experienced in Robotics, Mechanics, and programming.This may also contain entrepreneurs. I have never been on a project like this before.
I would like to play with Artificial intelligence and Machine learning tools. I am working on my problem solving and algorithmic this is gonna be perfect.

I am so enthusiastic about seeing the coffee machine up and running.

I hear you. life is very complex to be solved by an app. speaking of which, I was involved for a while during my master studies and afterwards via Madyan ( a non-profit for urban development in the making but working somehow) in studying the waste management system in Hurghada among other urban studies. The situation in Hurghada is much simpler than Cairo for example, there are not so many key players, but coordinating between them is not an easy task; coordination between the informal system and the formal one, between the “freelance” garbage collectors who have no official papers, and the garbage dealers who buy, collect and sell to the bigger dealers to the dump to surprisingly shipping to Cairo some recyclables and the official company and employees, plus the local community living in formal and informal areas. It is a complex system, requires mainly conflict resolution between the different parties in order to have a coherent solution for all and here we can test the apps :smiley: so long story short, Currently I am working on some urban interventions proposal in Hurghada, might work, might not, but if it works we can try to look in the wast management system together.

as for the coffee machine, is February a good start for you ? as basically you have to go through some visa process before being able to come.

I will be available from February 12th .by this date I will be there till the end of the program in April.So I think I should start the Paperwork as soon as possible.