Biweekly 18/11/20 - Agenda and Notes


This is the agenda for our upcoming biweekly session, this Wednesday at 17h. I suggest keeping the similar format like the last time:

  • team leaders’ updates concerning both projects, POPREBEL and NGI. 5-10 min. per team, including Q&A
  • any upcoming events to promote?
  • RezNet progress on Green Deal Calls
  • defining action points
  • Master of Networks from MozFest to the Researchers’ Night.

Need to be there: @alberto @nadia @noemi @MariaEuler @johncoate @matthias @hugi @IvanC @bojanbobic

Everyone else welcome!

Feel free to add items you want us to talk about.


yes, some meta coordination - what is each person planning in terms of events, publications etc that they will need promoted between now and end of year.

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maybe we can discuss if we should introduce an element group for anoucing sick and holiday leave? (in addition to putting it in the calendar of course)

can we use campfire for this?

of course but then stuff gets burried. in one dedicated thread one could find it again when checking

so this was adressed in the call and we agreed a platform thread would be better


Present @alberto, @MariaEuler, @marina, @johncoate, @nadia, @wolha, @noemi, @matthias, @hugi, @IvanC, following the agenda

POPREBEL and NGI updates:


  • finished the meetings with journalists from Serbia, Czech Republic and Poland

  • their work could be closer to community management than expected

  • writing can be an obstacle for the newcomers to engage– explore other solutions

  • two events next week, @wolha is on them

  • not easy to do more events this year

  • roughly 150 posts in the last couple of months, it will be interesting to compare with the journalist work

  • need to do a double check with ethnographers on the content that will come out

  • community management will join the ethnographers meetings

  • Alberto is building the tulip file that contains the corpus divided by language forums to make the content comparison easier for the ethnographers

  • the work on the White Paper on SSNA as comprehensive and practical document continues


AMA with Anton Ekker went reasonably well, the discussion could still continue

  • Alberto is working with @katejsim, @Leonie and John on how to improve and follow up

  • next AMA is proposed on 9 December, if that does not work out: educational technology for children

  • working on establishing proper leads on promoting this

  • four weeks are necessary to promote an event properly, here is the thread where to flag them

Following the positive NGI report, Friday 20 November joining the meeting with the NGI consortium regarding the compliance to the objectives and practical issues, @alberto and @marina will attend.

Addressing most of these issues for Edgeryders can be solved through Masters of Networks event – Mozfest happening in March 2021, where we will have to dedicate a lot of energy.

  • It will be a flagship event that combines WP1 and WP2

  • It is moving to Amsterdam for the next three years

  • The opportunity may arise to organise a hackathon through the City of Amsterdam

  • Redesigning the hackathon format of the MoN’s previous editions for the online world – @matthias’ experience with Via gegen virus can be useful (idea: one week rather than one day)

  • concept: use the datasets from our own data and from DeLab, bring together anthropologists, ethnographers, SSNA specialists and data scientists in an interdisciplinary discussion on the directions internet is taking, what is going on and on peerceptions of technological changes and advancements – example questions emerged from AMA with Anton Ekker

  • all hands on deck necessary to prepare for this

  • the idea is to contact some of the universities we worked togeteher

  • summary of the event already written, the definition should be ready by mid January and flagged on

EU Green Deal Calls

  • The situation with the calls is regularly updated in this wiki

  • Closing 4 or 5 deals in a couple of weeks requires the presence of the team on the development of the projects, attending meetings, negotiating budgets and in active communication with the partners.

  • Two steps are in front of us:

  • 1st phase: converging and finding place in the consortium – negotiation on objectives and budgets

  • 2nd phase: from here to January – work on the documents, periodic calls, exchange of documents and materials

  • @alberto and @nadia could take over C-KIC, regions, cars and bees in coop with Marina

  • Area 10 top 2 – @amelia & Marina

  • Area 10 topic 3 to be defined if it comes to that point


  • Initial contacts with VUB for the calls by Brussels Region

  • A strategic meeting will be held in February to chart possibilities out of the EU grants

  • Audit readiness – plan to make an internal audit in December; our standard procedure allows a sample check on one project, avoiding excessive cost. Waiting for the offer

  • Proposal: create a thread on the platform on personal presence and availabilities


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