Green Deal Call: selected topics for Edgeryders

After yesterday’s biweekly, posting here the selected calls we talked about as the next step on deciding what to pursue, how and who can contribute. This is also the continuation of the discussion initiated here.

To be more effective, I suggest that if we start to work on the proposal, we create a dedicated thread in the workspace where all the team coordination happens. In this way everyone stays updated on the developments.

The place where we upload the relevant documents and concept notes on the Google Drive is here.

Candidate calls

From 18 calls in total this is a selection of 9 most relevant for us. In case you would like to go with any of those outside of this list, please add it and explain your idea. More info on the call here.

AREA 1: Increasing climate ambition: cross-sectoral challenges

  1. TOPIC 2: Towards climate-neutral and socially innovative cities (LC-GD-1-2-2020), RIA.

    Expected EU contribution: up to EUR 53 million, of which at least 60% should be allocated to activities covered under Activity 4 for the financial support to third parties.

    Update: contacted by the Climate KIC who is working on the application together with the EUROCITIES and ICLEI. The team coordination happens HERE.

  2. TOPIC 3: Climate-resilient Innovation Packages for EU regions (LC-GD-1-3-2020), Sub-topic (2) Support the design, testing and upscale of Innovation Packages, CSA

    Expected EU Contribution: in the range of EUR 3 million

    Update: Alberto connected with Trinity College Dublin (C-KIC networking event). Joined the consortium. Team coordination is happening here.

AREA 3: Industry for a clean and circular economy

  1. Demonstration of systemic solutions for the territorial deployment of the circular economy (LC-GD-3-2-2020), IA

    Expected EU Contribution: in the range of EUR 10-20 million

    Update: contacted by the Politecnico di Milano, concept here. Joining the consortium. Marina on it.

AREA 6: Farm to Fork

  1. Testing and demonstrating systemic innovations in support of the Farm-to-Fork Strategy (LC-GD-6-1-2020), Sub-topic (B) Achieving climate neutral food businesses by mitigating climate change, reducing energy use and increasing energy efficiency in processing, distribution, conservation and preparation of food, IA

    Expected EU Contribution: from EUR 6-12 million

    Update: invited by ILVO to participate in the proposal. The initial concept note shared (here), no news.
    After the SSH networking event invited to be a part of the consortium for the sub-topics C and/or D. Concept note is here. Team coordination happens here.
    Via participants portal received another invitation, documents here.

AREA 7: Biodiversity and ecosystems

  1. Restoring biodiversity and ecoystem services (LC-GD-7-1-2020)

    Expected EU Contribution: 16-25 million

    Update: invited to join by Cranfield Water Science Institute. Concept note here. Team coordination happens here.

AREA 9: Strengthening our knowledge in support of the European Green Deal

  1. TOPIC 2: Developing end-user products and services for all stakeholders and citizens supporting climate adaptation and mitigation (LC-GD-9-2-2020)

    Expected EU Contribution: EUR 3-5 million

AREA 10: Empowering citizens for the transition towards a climate neutral, sustainable Europe

  1. TOPIC 1: European capacities for citizen deliberation and participation for the Green Deal (LC-GD-10-1-2020), RIA

    Expected EU Contribution: EUR 3-5 million

  2. TOPIC 2: Behavioural, social and cultural change for the Green Deal (LC-GD-10-2-2020), RIA

    Expected EU Contribution: EUR 3-5 million

    Update: The team coordination happens HERE.
    Decided to join the consortium led by IEECP. Concept note here. Amelia, Hugi and Marina working on it.

  3. TOPIC 3: Enabling citizens to act on climate change and environmental protection through education, citizen science, observation initiatives, and civic involvement (LC-GD-10-3-2020), IA, Sub-topic (1) Enabling citizens to act on climate change and for sustainable development through education. Also sub-topic (2) Enabling citizens to act on climate change and for sustainable development through better monitoring and observing of the environment and their environmental impacts

    Expected EU Contribution: EUR 3-5 million

    Update: joining the consortium with a federation of three Italian partners in Emilia-Romagna region after the conversation with the University of Modena. Marina and Alberto on it. Documents here.

Our strategy

Summing up here as well the three scenarios of ways to go:

  1. We take the lead. This means that the call fits to an idea we want to pursue: we write the concept note and build the consortium. Taking the lead means in the “scientific investigator” sense (doing the most of writing), but also coordinating with partners, making the budget etc. Edgeryders is NOT the consortium leader in the administrative sense (formally submitting the application) – we don’t have the capacity for that.

    • Example: PARTENAIRE application this summer with Climate KIC as the official coordinator.
    • Profiles needed: this scenario requires a researcher for the scientific part (the usual role of Alberto); others from the team contributing with their expertise for specific parts (what Amelia was doing) and the coordinator for helping in managing partners and the whole process (the usual role of Marina). Assistance in outreach (looking for the suitable partners we can trust) would be useful.
    • Estimated workload: dedicated work over 3 months
  2. We join as partners having a more prominent role. This means we join someone else’s concept, integrate our methodology (mostly standard workpackage) and don’t do most of the writing, but we contribute significantly in the bits of the proposal.

    • Example: CYCLOPS application last year. There was a principal investigator but Alberto significantly contributed to the writing and the concept.
    • Profiles needed: a researcher for the scientific part and the coordinator to do most of the communication with the consortium (including adding the standard, more admin-like, parts to the application) and negotiating budgets. Assistance in outreach to find such forming consortia would be useful.
    • Estimated workload: dedicated work over at least 1 month
  3. We join as partners. This means we use the standard workpackage only slightly adapting it to the topic and the requirements and adjusting the targets.

    • Example: TREASURE application this summer. The coordinator did most of the work, we integrated our methodology and Alberto wrote a paragraph so that it fits to the topic.
    • Profiles needed: researcher (to contribute occasionally where needed), the coordinator to do the rest (sit in the calls, negotiate budgets and add bits and pieces). Assistance in outreach to find such forming consortia would be useful.
    • Estimated workload: 2 days per week over 3 months (for the coordinator), a couple of days over 1 month (for the researcher).

All of these scenarios require the coordinator to reach out to the team leaders (at Edgeryders) usually responsible for different tasks in the standard workpackage (research, community management, outreach and engagement and tech) and check the feasibility, the KPIs and the allocated budget depending on the proposal.

Setting the internal deadline to do a second round of selection of the calls above for the scenarios under (1) and (2): by the end of the next week, Friday 30th. Then, scheduling thematic team calls for each.

The internal deadline to do the outreach campaign and look for the forming consortia for the scenarios under (2) and (3): it starts now and should go probably sometime until mid November. This involves publishing the expression of interest on the participants portal; participating in online networking events; launching the Linkedin campaign + reaching out to personal networks; scheduling 1:1 meetings. Depending on the number of these meetings, additional help to participate in them would be much appreciated.

Looking forward to the joint efforts to make the most use of the EU Green Deal Call.

Please post here in the comment your thoughts and the role you can take on :wink:

@alberto @nadia @hugi @amelia @martin @matthias @johncoate @noemi @MariaEuler @andreja @IvanC @bojanbobic


In terms of taking the lead, my strong preference is for Area 10: TOPIC 2, since it explicitly says that anthropological approaches are among the preferred methodologies and that a focus on the future of work should be included (@nadia was keen on this one too, I think). I also think we can draw a lot from our work on the PARTENAIRE application to build a strong case for this one (and perhaps pull in some of those partners, too?).

I also have a colleague who just got her PhD from University of London and works on anthropology and climate change. If we go for this, I’ll reach out to her and loop her in on the grantwriting – she’d make a great contribution to the anthropology side of things.

If people are cool with this, I’d love to have a call with @alberto and @marina (at min) to walk me through what steps I’ll need to take specifically in terms of integrating partners into the writing and project (how many, what kind, etc). I’ll read through the Open Care proposal and re-read PARTENAIRE as homework. Also would be great if @hugi was there to talk through Blivande’s potential role.


Im interested in Areas 9.2 and 10.2 and 10.3


@alberto @amelia @hugi I could squeeze in a call tomorrow at 13h, otherwise only after I’m back, on the 2/11. But you guys can also meet next week and I’ll follow up with you Amelia afterwards.

@marina and all, I created a text to use as a pitch for the Linkedin campaign. I am going to need @nadia to OK it and then take the lead on the next steps: how to select the targets, etc.

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this link points to this thread. where do you have the text?

Sorry, corrected now. Here. It is in “EU Green Deal” folder in the RezNet Team Drive.

It sounds like @marina is the scarce resource here, unless it is scenario 1. Already, if we join all three proposals that we have been invited to, it looks like we are at capacity. Add to that the Linkedin outreach… Does anybody have ideas to expand that capacity?

For me, the obvious thing would be to rely on the EDGE community. Find people we know (and trust) from before and who know us. Reach out to them personally and schedule a collective call to understand what role they could take on. If necessary, I can do the training for coordinators who could then on their own participate in the scenarios (2) and/or (3).

This is tricky as it would be on a voluntary basis, but we can promise that if we win a proposal they would be a part of the team and would get paid from that budget (of course, if the collaboration goes well). This is the case for everyone else in the core team anyways.

Well there are a couple of people who come to mind. How much work is involved in this would you say in terms of time one would have to put into it (for each bid?).

Check under:

I added the estimated workload for each scenario.

Please grant access to

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You need a one sentence initial message. Ideally if you can link to our green deal info session info @marina? Basically a repeat of what you did during the biweekly call but angled for externals who could include us in their bids or who could do the work of getting us into existing ones or who want to create their own job by doing catherding for us around bids

Hei, update from Liliana Carillo from a side conversation I just had and this came up - can you guys follow it up?

For the Green Deal proposal we have already a lead partner and we are ready. Area 6: Farm to Fork, subtopic B - University of Lincoln; ILVO also involved another Be organisation to lead in the writing of the proposal. They are talking internally about ER and since her boss doesn’t know ER a lot, he doubts it.* @Alberto @Marina can also send a formal text- but we need to be proactive - she says. Noemi side thoughts: propose a graphryder session?*
‘‘I need that you guys come with a proposal and say: look, this is the package, this is what we propose’’. For example, in the Engagement package - we need to decide in which side of Farm-to-Fork edgeryders is going to take a role: the voice of citizens, the voice of food entrepreneurs
In another one Liliana is working on they don (topic E - waste and zero carbon ingredients.

In other areas of Green Deal - In general, we can count on their network in the part of citizen participation, engagement, and on the call for cities innovatione etc. ‘I know I can put some resources there on a personal level, but I need someone to take the lead’.
Or in Africa focus: EDDA - European Digital Development Alliance

What form does this need to be in? An email? A meeting? A graphryder session, which is also a meeting?

I don’t understand this. The natural Edgeryders move is to be on the side of social innovation:

  • There is Big Food. That’s well represented, with a strong voice. No need for us amplify it further.
  • Then there is a community of people who try to do things different, the “New Food community”, if you wish (Yannick, Noemi herself, the “Food as commons” guy, the edible forests/edible gardens crowd etc. etc.). Some people in this community are producers, others are consumers or service providers (dieticians, retailers…). That is a voice with weak signals of change that needs amplifying etcetera. Right?
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What form does this need to be in? An email? A meeting? A graphryder session, which is also a meeting?

It’ up to us to decide - she mentioned a document, but I personally think it would be best to accompany the document with a meeting proposal where you can meet her boss.

I don’t understand this. The natural Edgeryders move is to be on the side of social innovation:

Well, perhaps she doesn’t have it clear so it’s better to put this (again!) in writing. Right, exactly what you write should probably be clear.

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Also moved all the posts relevant to that call to the new topic. :slight_smile:

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