Biweekly 21/10/20 - Agenda and notes


This team biweekly call is going to be dedicated to the Green Deal Call (deadline 26th of January 2021) and the strategy for RezNet. We mapped the calls most relevant for us and the aim is now to go deeper in each and decide on the next steps.

We will try to keep the call to 1h but please budget 1h30 just in case.

As it was our usual practice so far, in applying for these calls we can distinguish between two scenarios:

  1. offer our methodology and integrate our “standard” workpackage in the already forming consortium.
  2. start from the concept note and build the consortium ourselves.

The Agenda is as follows:

  • welcome (5 mins)

  • Green Deal Call presentation by Marina (20 mins)

  • team discussion (30-45 mins) - let’s try to answer these questions:

    • where do you see the most potential for us? On what call(s) should we focus more?
    • What do we want to achieve? How the participation in this programme can contribute to RezNet’s long-term goals?
    • what is THE call for which we could write a concept note? Any ideas to pursue?
    • which call could be used as a “bridge grant” before we apply to the synergy grant in 2022? (this point requires some context - @amelia do you want to present briefly the idea and then we discuss which call would be a fit?)
    • any partners to suggest?
    • tips & tricks on reaching out to potential partners? The basic idea is to first register our interest for each specific call on the participants portal then evaluate the invitations we receive and enter in negotiations; reach out to individuals via Linkedin and arrange 1:1 meetings; attend online networking events; reach out to personal connections. Anything else?

We can consider using the breakout rooms and group the questions above in three topics:

  1. Green Deal potential - calls to pursue
  2. Longer term RezNet Strategy
  3. Outreach strategy for building or getting into the consortia

Each discussion in the breakout room would last 15 mins, after which one representative from each room would present in 5 minutes the main points, followed by a 10 minute group discussion.

We can decide on this before or at the beginning of the call.

If you have any suggestions or anything to add to the agenda or in the questions above, please do so by Wednesday (this is a wiki).

It would be great if the whole team could be present: @alberto @nadia @amelia @hugi @matthias @johncoate @noemi @MariaEuler @martin

@IvanC could you take notes this time as well? @bojanbobic will you also be joining?


You mean the strategy for this call, as opposed to the Grand Scheme for World Domination, right?

Yes, but also how the participation in these calls contributes to the more long-term strategy such as that synergy grant

Yup, I will be there.

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I as well.

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An hour long call. Present on the Zoom: @alberto, @amelia, @hugi, @IvanC, @johncoate, @nadia, @noemi, @MariaEuler, @martin, @matthias, @wolha

The last (and the biggest) part of the Horizon 2020 EU Green Deal Call is presented by @marina, with the fact sheet:

  • It differs from the previous calls, aims for visible results in the short to medium term with the long term perspective. The keywords are rapid scalability, dissemination, uptake.
  • The deadline is 26 January 2021, selected projects start in Autumn 2021, our goal is to enter a consortium before the end of November.
  • Eight thematic areas and two horizontal ones, which are of particular interest for us. The list of calls with the updates is here.
  • Most of the calls mention some kind of citizen engagement. If invited, we would fit better in the calls where citizen engagement is the key and cover the social and not the technical parts of the others.
  • Preferably we should work with known and reliable partners.


  • We are strong in locating and connecting to groups that are already working in the area of citizen science, with innovations in their social space and amplifying their work and provide explanations, therefore calls in Area 10. Creating from scratch is more challenging.
  • Gold standard for the best partnership – Open Care experience. Others lead, we have a say on the direction and can choose partners.


  • It is too late to do something really new. The competition will be hard, the project idea must fit >100% to the call.
  • Timing for consortium building is late: the more outreach is needed to make the proposal, the less useful for Edgeryders is the proposal.
  • We cannot administer grants. The goal is to lead in not more than one project. If necessary, leading the call is to be seen as a necessary evil if it is the only solution.
  • We need to choose the partnerships where the “standard work package” can be best plugged in. Our established partnerships work well because we have built quality relationships and must keep it this way.
  • In the programmes we work on engagement, it is necessary to control the distribution of resources. If that part does not work, your credibility can be compromised.
  • Multilingual projects are very complex and require perhaps more resources than we can afford. POPREBEL works on 4 languages, there is the software support for multilingual SSNA, but it is not easy.
  • The calls are more than earlier and they all need proper preparation, it is vital to define who is doing what among us.
  • Three groups of specialists are needed in this phase: for the administration tasks and communication with the consortia while we write the application, for the outreach and engagement, for research and writing.
  • A part the other calls, it would be good if we could enter the Area 1 - Climate neutral and socially innovative cities call and the cascade funding that goes with it. We should search for an adequate position through our “cities” contacts and partners because their intellectual lead would be vital for this kind of projects.
  • The proposals should be drafted by 31 December. We need two more weeks to tune it to the quality needed for the call.

The method that works for us is transparent and participatory.

  • We produce 1-2 pages project note as a basis to put together a consortium = gather main partners within two weeks, one more week to find eventual last partners, then comes the writing and the meetings. After the first, maximum second meeting, we create a budget which becomes a contract and a proposal - the 70 pages document.

It is possible to build our own proposals and we will explore this direction. A meeting needs to be scheduled with the minimum participation of @alberto, @amelia, @marina and @martin. Everybody else is invited too, but not vital.

Linkedin campaigns can be used for outreach, but time is of essence.

Boundary conditions:

Last calls in a Framework Programme normally were heavily oversubscribed.

Cascading funding is - seen from EU - to outsource administrative tasks (you gain some ‘shaping power’), but that may be too complex for us to handle.

Useful piece in the toolbox is the Plato project.

18:00 The meeting is adjourned, a video registration will be kept for some time if necessary on the Zoom cloud.

Soundtrack from the beginning.


Thank you @IvanC for the notes. I like to add that, based on experiences, the first calls for the next EU Framework Programme will be anounced towards the end of the year with deadlines in early spring 2021. I guess that @marina can put her Radar out. - best regards, Martin


Hallo and welcome @FrankDieters :slight_smile: This is a bit more detailed info about the ec calls I mentioned.

A proposal to move follow ups towards collaboration faster. If people know what we are looking for in order of priority/ urgency they can self filter and we save everyone time.

@IvanC it could maybe be a good idea to produce an info sheet about what we are pursuing and how, including a timeline in it. Basically, pick out key info from your fab summary and from Marina’s biweekly meeting summary post…then put together a short intro, and 3 bulletpoints calling for action, each with the deadline date in pdf format with edgeryders logo and contact person info @marina would that be you? If Marina is swamped, can add yourself Ivan or @bojanbobic ? @ivan if you can do this first thing Monday morning then ping us in campfire that would be great.

We make this visible through a number of channels.

  1. Follow up to workshop we had during ec week of cities and regions. For this we use @Alberto ‘s summary post. At the very top) we add: *Call for green new Deal partners call for consortia/ partners + info sheet pdf ( we upload it as pdf that can be downloaded directly from the page).

    • Get organisers of the event to send this to the 150 people who signed up to our event (seeing as we do not have their emails). We would like in that email to point people to summary of our session, which would be a valuable service - seeing as the organisers screwed up sending the right zoom login so people who wanted to come were excluded. @alberto preferably would touch with Stefan and Anguel to ask them to do so via their ec channels on Monday. If he does not have time I can do it. Or @andreja if you want/have time?
  2. Follow up to sci-fi econ labs and food events. We send email with call for Green New Deal consortia and partners adding infoSheet as attachment*. Wish request that they also forward invitation to their contacts to help us get the word out .we will send them summary of contents of session discussions in an email later.

  3. LinkedIn blast to consortium builders and potential partners. People who send us email address in response to one sentence invitation to partnerships/inclusion get follow up email with info sheet attached ( Alberto’s already composed text for invitation and follow up email). This linked campaign starts Monday and runs for a week, each of us running it for separate search results

  4. Post for sharing on social media. We publish info session as public call on a new post in campfire. Then make flyer. And publish on our Edgeryders social media pages, and as posts via our personal linked accounts.

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I will prepare the info sheet. I think @marina is the obvious choice, but since she is on vacation next week, I or @bojanbobic could be the first filter

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I assume that this will not be possible because they have strict rules and procedures, especially about the GDPR.

Ok, so it comes down to LinkedIn again. Basically reaching out one by one to each person on that list with the LinkedIn one sentence invitation and follow up email with info sheet… @IvanC could you point @bojan to the info sheet you prepared? Also to the one sentence invite and follow up email that Alberto produced. I did a terrible job explaining this morning :speak_no_evil:

Here is the info sheet:ER call infosheet.pdf (100.6 KB)
ping @bojanbobic

guys the bottom needs to be fixed I just saw/ Add one email address please (now its both ivan and Marina, confusing) - and rather than “the edgeryders webplatform”, please put

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The link or the text? I could leave the text and change the link only

this part

Please remove one of the two email addresses
Replace “Edgeryders web platform” with
I dont understand why part of edgeryders address is in there
Formatting is strange

Works like this? ER call infosheet.pdf (100.6 KB)
I have also uploaded the same version in the post above

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