Book sharing in Georgia


here is a topic that in my opinion would work for an essay/ article. It is about book sharing in public space and this initiative might even cross the border to South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

Short description in English

Who would write it?

Indeed, this initiative has been traveling the world for some time now, having reached my country (Romania) as well :slight_smile: What do you mean by “would work”? Are you part of this - as initiator or someone in the “pay it forward” chain? or know someone who is and would be up for sharing it?

A big value of the stories we’re looking for in Spot the Future is that they are told from a personal account and do a great job explaining how something came about and why it matters… In this case the general story is already circulating, the question is where does the practice lead to beyond the positive effects we may suspect (eg people reading more)? Does it build relationships? how? … I am no one to say whether this qualifies as an article or not, so whoever wants to write about it go ahead :slight_smile:

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No, I am not personally involved in it, I just came accross it in the internet and wanted to see if this is a relevant topic for this project - I had the same doubts as you, as this is not something original and just Georgia-bound. However, I feel that if they manage to spread this innitiative over to Ossetia and Abkhazia, this is definitely something to talk and write about. I will follow up on this project then, meet the organizers and write their personal accounts on it.

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good point!

It would fit well into the peace and conflict mission brief, as it is a way in which trust between two conflict affected communities is being build. Def something to consider.

Hi dear @Inga

I am very much interested in this book sharing and book swapping initiative. And actually I want to say that there is already such a thing going on in Armenia. A guy named Arman does such events and meetings in our city, he has a large group in facebook and also a website. A lot of people are intereted in this activity and participate. I thought it would be nice to combine Georgian and Armenian book sharing clubs and to come up with new ideas having in target maybe social issues.

What do you think?

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“Book selfie is the new selfie”

I just remembered there’s a highly fashionable awareness campaign in my country at the moment where people take selfies reading books to promote reading, it’s cool and it’s not patented (yet!) :slight_smile: So I guess it’s up for being replicated… @victormiron started it and now celebs are on board too. #justsaying


Oh, @Noemi that’s cool :slight_smile:

I wonder if the event in Tbilisi has something to do with this initiative as well? I mean, book swappping. If so, then I can talk to that guy Arman to join us :slight_smile: