Brunch at my place - Sunday 28/08 starting from 11:30

Hello @reeflings,

Next Sunday a couple of us will be getting together at 2 pm for the last 4 hours of a training course on nonviolent communication (see this post).

Given that we haven’t see each other for so long and we have the first plenary meeting coming up shortly (01/09), it would be lovely to catch up!

So if you would like to join before we start with the the training course for a brunch, you are very welcome!

I will provide eggs, coffee, tea, juice, granola and yogurt. If everybody brings a little something that should do the trick!

I created a document here, so you can see who is bringing what.


Sounds very nice :star_struck: , but @ThomasMaertens and I won’t be in Brussels …

I’m sure there will be another Reef social shortly! Enjoy!

Thank you very much for organising this!
Unfortunately I will have to work this weekend (application deadline coming my way at high velocity). Next time :slight_smile:

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Update for those who are not planning to attend the NVC training: we have slightly changed our plans.

The brunch will start at 11:30 and we will start with the training at 13:00. So you’re still very welcome to join us for the brunch, but at 13:00 we’ll need the place for the training.

Wonderful proposal and invitation, Lie, I wont make it though. Have a ball together!

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Just in case, I said in the other conversation I wouldn’t be available for any of the planned sessions so can’t be present tomorrow.

Enjoy !

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