Buddy Pool

Hi @reeflings !

As noted in a recent post (Recruitment process review), there were a few glitches with the buddy system after the last presentation. One of the suggested strategies to address this was to add a slide to the presentation to provide more clarity regarding what to expect as an Exploring Member. The other was to set up a dedicated buddy pool, so here we are :slight_smile:

The buddy pool will consist of Full Members who willing and able to :

  • · Read the Buddy Manual and Onboarding Manual
  • · Prioritise a one-on-one meeting with a new member in the week to 10 days after a presentation
  • · Facilitate Exploring Members joining events and meeting the rest of the group
  • · Encourage them to join the platforms and fill in the onboarding documents
  • · Help them be aware of the deadlines for taking the next step, if they choose to do so

As part of this process, we will also try and make the setting up of one-on-one meetings easier for whoever from Team R&O is taking care of that (currently @Mieke). So we will create an Excel sheet with the availabilities and preferred meeting locations of Full Member buddies to fill in ahead of each presentation for this purpose.

So if you feel like you have the time, energy and enthusiasm to buddy up with an Exploring Member, please let us know below this post. It is important to note that no-one should feel obliged to take up this role. There are 16 Full Members, and not everyone needs to take this on. If you are already doing a lot in one of the active teams, or you have too much going on right now, feel free to pass on this. Ideally, we will have 6–7 people ahead of the presentation next Wednesday, and we can re-evaluate who’s in the pool before the following one…



:100: ok

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Hi Chris,
a bit busy with team building as a few people are stepping back for a while.
But from mid-june onwards, this should be better, so sign me up for buddying from then onwards…

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I can be the buddy of one household, two if need be.

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Happy to be a buddy from July onwards :slight_smile:

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Hi people, I am happy to announce that we now have an official buddy pool :slight_smile: . As for this April round, I noted that @manuelpueyo @Lee @ChrisM @Quentin @RichardB @Dave_behave and myself are the available buddies.

Could you all please fill in (asap :innocent:) your preferred meeting locations & availabilities in this document. For the availabilities: please indicate AM, PM or evening in the columns with the dates. In the meantime, I have sent out the survey to the people who attended the presentation and I will match them with one of you as soon as possible for a one-on-one.

Thank you all! :sun_with_face:


Hello current buddies (@ChrisM @manuelpueyo @els @Dave_behave @Quentin ), thx again for making yourselves available, it is really much appreciated especially in these busy (and exciting) times.
Could you let me know:

  • did you have the one-on-one already or when is it planned?
  • after the one-on-one: does the newling want to start exploring? If yes, I will send them a login for Nextcloud.

Meeting my buddy (Sophie) tomorrow afternoon :slight_smile:


Meeting Lucia and Alin next Tuesday :slight_smile:

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meeting with Tinne the 10th of May

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I’m going to meet Andrew within the next week

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Hello current buddies (@manuelpueyo @ChrisM @els @Quentin @Dave_behave),
I am writing to you with some service announcements :slight_smile:

  • Since we turned yesterday’s plenary into a full members meeting, and the next plenary only takes place in 3 weeks, (i.e. 26 May), team R&O decided to extend the deadline for applying for associate membership until 27 May. By doing so, we give the exploring members a chance to attend at least one plenary meeting before they take their decision.
    => Could you please inform your newlings about the extended deadline?
  • Just a small reminder to tell them about the possibility to sit on a team meeting as an observer. They can find an overview of the upcoming meetings in the calender on Nextcloud.
  • Team Community Life will also oranganize a social event between now and the 27th of May (their deadline). More news on that will follow soon.
  • And another last reminder: please let me know if the newling decides to start exploring the project after you had your one-on-one. Then I can send them a login for Nextcloud.

See you around!


thanks mieke, joannes is very interested in joining the reef. i already gave him a nexcloud login.

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hi @reef-recruitment ,

just wondering sth (and i know you’re busy with lots of other things):

  • are you looking into ways to (better) integrate (exploring)/associate members into the different teams?
  • I’ve been looking at the calendar and don’t see many ‘accessible’ meeting for the exploring members to explore a team. Hope it will change by the time some of them become associates…

And if we expect them maybe to go through the associate membership faster…
Or is this sth that every team needs to reflect about?

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Hi Els,

It’s on our radar. We’ll be meeting on the 19th to address some of the challenges and flesh out some further details. We’ll present the proposal at the plenary of the 26th.