Budget tracking done for Edgeryders

@LuceChiodelliUB thanks for the brilliant spreadsheet. We put a copy of it in the consortium Google Drive folder, from where you can download it as Excel or PDF. I guess we are done. Three questions:

  1. To you. We have in practice not yet paid collaborators – they have been asked to send us timesheets, invoices etc. at the end of March for the first three months of the year, but have not done it yet. So, the PMs have been inputed as per the contracts. Is this correct?
  2. Also to you. Indirect costs in the spreadsheet do not update. Should they? I do not understand at all the table with the brown header in the "Indirect costs" tab. It only had Mr. Smith's Macbook Pro in it, which I have now deleted. The "Indirect Costs" column in the "Cost Overview" tab is blank, and it does not have formulas so it's not a matter of us not filling in values in the right places. 
  3. To @Noemi. Just double checking: are you done with travel and services costs? 

Great :slight_smile:

@Alberto  - thank you for submitting your file and your remarks on the doc, I’ll try to answer you as clearly as possible.

  1. It is for the moment ok to have put the information as you planned on the contracts, it gives me a glimpse of your activity. For reports, we’ll need to provide ‘real’ information sent by your collaborators, but I am confident that everything will be on track by then (June).

  2. Indirect costs / cost overview tabs: in fact, it is up to you to choose to fill it or not, depending on whether you used this budget category so far, and on whether you want to track your expenses on that category using this spreadsheet. As I wrote, this budget will not be audited by the Commission, nor taken into consideration on my side. I only made it for you, so that if you wanted to have a complete overview of your use of budget, you could have it.

If you fill the indirect costs tab, the total amount spent in this category will be reported in the “costs overview” tab. If you look at the grid on the right (which sums up information you recorded in the previous tabs), you will find the indirect costs amount within the “total” cell. It is normal that the other cells above in grey stay blank, since indirect costs is a flat-rate budget (= not related to WPs).

However, it is relevant for other budget categories (staff costs, direct costs) to detail information per WP, since these budgets have been calculated in relation to the activity estimated for each WP.

I hope it makes more sense now. :slight_smile:

Almost there

Missing the info not recorded in our ER system yet, but fill find out asap.

Just checking

Fyi people and @LuceChiodelliUB: I assumed expenses for consortium meetings can go into Travel budgets and Services (room/chairs rentals + meals).

That’s how I input them, just so you know.


Yes, these are expenses directly related to OpenCare.