[University of Bordeaux - what has been / what will be done in 2016]

Hello everyone,

As agreed during our last community call, I let you know what we have been doing and what’s ahead of us for the project. I’ll speak about the coordination aspects, information about UBx engagement for SSNA will be published soon.

What we’ve been doing so far:

What’s ahead by the end of 2016 : @Alberto@melancon@costantino@Rossana_Torri / @ markomanka / @lakomaa

  • Preparing June 2016 :  I'll make a dedicated post about it ( promise we won't let you down :) )

    = 4 deliverables to submit (1 by Scimpulse / 1 by WeMake / 2 by EHFF)

    + internal financial reporting (see Consortium Agreement)

    + our meeting in Stockholm 

  • getting to do more onboarding actions on our side
  • preparing the mid-term scientific AND financial reports for December (see the Survival Guide / Grant Agreement / Consortium Agreement)



Excellent work

Thanks @LuceChiodelliUB. This is really useful.