Build LOTE4 Budget, break deliverables down into tasks and upload into Makerfox platform

We agreed during the futurespotters meeting in Tbilisi that LOTE tickets are not free, and cannot be bought. Only earned.

We also agreed the way tickets would be allocated is through the makerfox platform. I.e. people secure a ticket when they have contributed work to the value of x number of makerfox points. X is = Cost of producing the event, divided by number of participants.

So we need to:

  1. Build the budget and "price" tickets.
  2. Break down the work of building the event into tasks & create activity timeline. Including the fundraising and Harmonious Hackathon.
  3. "Price" each task.
  4. Put both tasks and tickets on Makerfox platform.
  5. Modify Makerfox page, and LOTE event space on Edgeryders platform for smooth transition between the two.

Key Budget posts:

  • Project Coordination: Project Director role. Project coordination activities.
  • Fundraising: Fundraising coordinator role. Fundraising activities.
  • Partnership building: Partnership program builder role. Partnership building activities.
  • Event services: Local Coordinator role. Event services design and production/execution. Venue, catering, AV equipment, chairs/tables rentals, Materials, Photography, Video-documentation, blogging and tweeting.
  • Visual/graphic design: Visual Designer role. Audiovisual production incl. illustrations.
  • Track research, documentation and data analysis: Scientific director role, ethnographer role, network scientist role.
  • Storytelling and Edgeryders/LOTE4 editorial team: Content editor role. Content production.
  • Harmonious Hackathon: Hackathon coordinator role. MVO engineering role. Open Funding coordinator role. Programmers. Business developers. Designers. Copywriters. Marketers. Translators.
  • Community management: Community Manager role. Community building activities.
  • Web support and development: Webmaster  
  • Outreach, PR and social media communications: Communications coordination role.  Public relations activities.
  • Travel and accommodations for participants: Travel and accomodations coordination role. Travel costs. Accomodation costs.
  • Business development: Business strategy and development role. New business development activities.