Burn your FuckUps: who will set up the bonfire?

Bonfires ! That’s one of the misued urban rituals that used to warm up freezing late winter nights… and we want to have one for our last LOTE night together ! Plus bonfires literally give the thrills to one of LOTE organizers @KiraVde, we couldn’t say no.

This task is dedicated to those of you that want to safely organize the whole wood/inflammables controlled combo and get their ticket to LOTE:)

When do I have to organize this ? At 8:30 pm on Saturday 27 February

Where will it happen ? In Elzenhof, a proud community center in Elsene/Ixelles.

See the pic below to check venue and past fire-related events.

Why do you want a bonfire? For the pleasure of it and cause we will invite everyone to write about the failures they would like to leave behind on a paper and burn them in the bonfire. Unfailing catalyzer ensured !

Who’s up ?

For an overview of the whole night plan here

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Pray I get the visa and the fire show is on me. My friend who is a pro fire juggler is supposed to meet me in Brussels and I can convince him to perform wink @KiraVde

That’s got me praying!

My atheist dad will disinherit me, but a fire show is so worth it.

Is there anything you need help with? I’ve been illegal in Morroco and Paraguay, one went well, one not so much.

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haha dancing is my favourite way of prayer! I’ve been illegal in Morocco for almost a year, take five! :smiley:

No way for me to get from Armenia to Schengen zone without a visa, so I’d better get it. Waiting for Step Beyond to get back to me concerning the travel grant, if I receive it, that might increase my chances of getting the visa from the strict German embassy here, which is also responsible for Belgium.

@ireinga offered to go knock the door of ECF office in Amsterdam, let’s see how it goes.

Otherwise just dance and wait for my news - I got the appointment in the embassy on Jan 28 and will get the answer by mid Feb the latest.

Playing with fire

This LOTE5 is edgy in a new way. Well done ladies! And, @Iriedawta, let me say it’s great to see you rise to your full potential.

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aww thanks @Alberto I’m flattered…if only I had more time…my full time job and single parenting got me working 24/7 these days :slight_smile:

Dancing check

Are you bringing the kid(s)?

Oh no, @KiraVde not this time around. It is literally going to be my first time alone since my daughter was born(for almost 3 years I never spent over 8 hours without her) so yeah, we will party hard :smiley:

Ok so, I talked to my friend and he will be joining us on the 27th (hope he will stay longer and attend some of our sessions too as he’s really cool and got lots of fuckup stories to share)!

@KiraVde kindly agreed to provide sponsorship for his travel costs(approx. 50 Eur) from Paris to Brussels from the Antiheroes fund/the Support Fuckupreneurship tickets (he is coming with his truck and bringing his equipment for the fire show).

He’s very rustic and does not use internet but will try to get him register on the platform :slight_smile: