BURNING QUESTION - MAY - What are the ethics and values in co-creation?

Implicit (and sometimes explicit) in the selection of co-creation processes is a clear ethical choice and a set of values about how one choses to operate in the world. Some of us are on the cusp of choosing co-creation for ethical reasons, and we would love to hear about that shift. Also, as we practice co-creation, we may struggle with conflict around practicing our values or surface a deeper understanding of them. We would love to hear about your learning edge on practicing values and acting on your ethics.

I feel more ME when I work in a co creative ways

I cleary feel much confortable when I work at the same level of responsibility and energy, which for me means equality.

I started my professional career in the ´90 when corporations with long, formal hierarchical chains made me feel disminished and with few to contribute to working groups.

As time went by ,and I grew in age and mind openess, I began exploring different ways of engaging in groups. My mindshift came 12 years ago when I began working for the so called social sector in an international organization, which at that moment was very innovative. I felt the air of freedom coming in and  washing my brains, giving me the chance to work “my way”.

And how was/ is " my way" ? Giving my best in ideas, knowledge, contacts, experience, dreams, and art  to a group where each individual also gives their best in ideas, knowledge, contacts, experience, dreams, and art  to me and to the group. Where we are listened and valued not for what hierarchy and “medals” we bring to the group, but but for the humanity and true self  we enrich it.

Definitely for me choosing to work within co creative approaches (with its challenges and timing) is an ethical way  developing professionally and personally.

Co creativity, with its tacit respect and high esteem to others ways, ignites in me the will to try better, harder and more creatively each of my contributions to the group.