Call for Applications - opencare Maker in Residence

The opencare Maker in Residence is open!

The opencare Maker in Residence is the first edition of a special residency programme that provides support, assistance, resources and acceleration to Makers - from all over the world - who are interested in developing / validating / iterating an open source project in the health and care field. Makers can live and work on-site at WeMake for a period of time that may vary from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 8 weeks, providing an opportunity for intense collaboration, creativity, and learning to improve their project.

The opencare Maker in Residence will take place from April to July 2017 (dates will be scheduled according to applicants’ availability).

Why we’re doing the opencare Maker in Residence

Through this special edition of residency we are trying to create an active and participatory link between the online and offline collaboration.

On one hand online collaboration is a great experience: you can get inspiration by reading stories, learning from all around the world experiences, finding technical documentation, forking and contributing to different projects …

On the other hand, the live (aka “offline”) experience (working in a makerspace / fablab) will add some other things:

  • intense physical experience: smelling the laser in the morning will push you ;)
  • human in flesh and blood (AFK) can use different kind of communications channels (they can also make faces without using emoticons)
  • people around us can act as serendipity triggers (I.E. “Did you know that you can do this ..”)
  • having a lot of materials and tools at hand can foster your ingenuity  
  • iteration is key: discard a yesterday idea and try the today new one
  • you’re not alone: working in your office is great, but having people around you is awesome!
  • tacit knowledge: looking others makers (designers, artists, tinkerers, ...) working around you will ... making around you is an hidden but huge diffuse competence and skills repository
  • explore different point of view about your project: There’s the s*** you know, the s*** you know you don’t know, and the s*** you don’t know you don’t know.

online + offline = GREAT THINGS!


How to apply

Step 1 - go to and create a new account

Step 2 - go to Add my story and write about your project, following closely the instructions on that page.

Step 3 - follow this link and fill in the form:

More info

For more information, explanations and support with the application process, go to the page or please contact: