Call for organising local events to promote social innovation in Tunisia, Morocco,Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon

The OCI lab vision and values are designed to offer the opportunity to join the online incubator to a large number of aspiring and young entrepreneurs.

As part of this, the OCI Lab team is launching a call for participation to co-organize events under the theme of Social Innovation.

The event you organise can take different forms: webinar, training session, Mini-Hackathons, Ideation…

Do not limit your imagination, we are expecting mind-blowing ideas!

The potential co-organizers are the coworking spaces, incubators, innovation spaces and/or groups of independent individuals.

How does it work?

1.Create an account on our international community platform
2.Create a new topic and present your project proposal as a video or text ( we will appreciate it if you respect the template bellow)

Before the event

3.You will be invited to join the Open Collective Intelligence Lab to refine your event proposal and allocate the project budget, then you will have the lead over the event’s organization and communication.

After the event

4.The organizing team gather constructive feedbacks from the event attendee and propose the next steps to maintain and develop the community and/or ensure the continuity of the work carried out.
5.You invite the participants to join the Edgeryders platform to enrich the discussion

NB: you can submit your event proposal in French English or Arabic

Event Template

A. Event description

  • Provide a brief description of your event. (Some events do not need much explaining, but other events may be new and innovative and require greater description)
  • Please include [an overview of the event], [the objective of the event], [the benefits of the event to your community]

B. Proposed Program

  • Date of the event ( Please note that the event should take place between 19th and 30th November)
  • Please provide a time table for the event

C. Budget

  • Please send your budget break down by private message to @zmorda

D. Your Organisation Name (if any)

C. Organizers Team

E. Venue


@ichraf @RedStartTN @HadeerGhareeb @khaoula

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Thank you Zmorda for sharing this opportunity.

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@ichraf je sais que tu es pleine d’idée innovante, essayons de concrétiser une ! Toutes les étoiles sont alignées je vois que tu viens de finir une formation en montage de projet.


Effectivement, on a déjà accompagné 90 porteurs d’idées en pré et post création on a reçu plus que 200 candidatures et on a réussi à aider 4 qui ont lancé leurs projets, donc je me vois vraiment dans cette initiative, je vais préparer un truc et le partager sur la plate-forme.
Merci ma chère pour ton soutien.

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i’m Ready to provide logistical and administrative support and communicate with organizations both in Egypt and Jordan


hi @zmorda did you see this?


Yes I am in touch with Ahmed :slight_smile:

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