About Us

A world in which every human can live up to her full potential as a creative, responsible being.

Edgeryders is a community of changemakers. Our mission is to co-create self-sustaining projects for the common good. Self-sustaining means, your project creates enough (financial and non-financial) value to compensate the people working on it.

We are all different, and yet similar in this: we have made our homes at the edges of society. We explore the edges of living and working practices, and we think the edge is where change comes from. A key challenge here is for people with aligned interests to find each other, and as a community we’re out to solve just that.

The community lives in symbiosis with a social enterprise, also called Edgeryders. The company sells expert advice and research. It funds community infrastructure and supports the community’s projects. In return, community members collaborate with the company’s endeavors.