Calling All Edgeryders Working in or with the Public Sector

I want to draw your attention to the second Creative Bureaucracy Festival to be held in Berlin 20-21 September 2019. Details are below. If you wish to be involved in some way or attend, let me know. Also check out the website Together with UNDP, we will be organising two panels at the festival in September : 1) Hacking Bureaucracies/Shifting Cultures; 2) Changing Bureaucracies from the Edge.

The Creative Bureaucracy Festival initiative was created by the urban researcher Charles Landry (author of “The Creative Bureaucracy”) and the Berlin newspaper Tagesspiegel publisher Sebastian Turner (the publishing house acts as organiser). During several preparatory meetings an international group of initiators were established (including representatives of the OECD, Eurocities, the German Government, the Land Berlin, the Danish Design Center, the German Association of Towns and Municipalities, the Regulatory Control Council (NKR), Nesta (UK), the European Cultural Foundation, the Humboldt University of Berlin, the University of Potsdam, Viadrina, Fraunhofer, Bertelsmann Foundation, Robert Bosch Foundation, Future Berlin Foundation, Telekom Foundation, Zeit Foundation, Politics for Tomorrow). This group is open to admit additional partners.

The 2018 edition of the Creative Bureaucracy Festival attracted 1200 participants from public bodies at national, regional, municipal and international levels from 21 countries, featured 165 speakers, and included topics varying from sustainability, IT and digitalisation, labour and employment, leadership and management, urban transformation and development to culture, security, education, healthcare, justice and legislation, with over 100 hours of programme taking place on 9 different stages. Many young talent participants (under the age of 30) were attracted, and events included workshops, discussions, awards, parties, and a very popular "Fuck Up Night’ (featuring personal testimonials about the biggest bureaucratic ‘fuckups’. The Berlin event has inspired other cities to organise similar festivals, and these are now being planned in `Brussels, Bergen, Amsterdam, Adelaide and Athens.

Goal of the 2019 Festival: Increase innovations in the Public Sector; recognition and exchange of innovators; recruitment of performance-oriented, innovative young talents; improvement of the public perception of the Public Sector and its innovative strength.

Target Group for the 2019 Festival: Innovators from the Public Sector on all levels; young talents; the interested public and the media; institutions which support innovations in the Public Sector (such as private foundations) and companies; citizens who are committing themselves in NGOs or as individuals in the design of the Public Sector: this is also expressed by the motto of the Festival: “You work for the common good. You have ideas. This is not a contradiction. This is your Festival.”

Get in touch with me if you would like more details or to be involved in the festival

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@fsimonov could you take a look at this?

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this seems like a great event, @bob! Do you know if there’ll be some from Georgia participating this year? Or perhaps @khatuna knows if Rustavi will be present (I assume they will?), and the PSDA?

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I would ask @Anthi_ResilientAthen and @MariaS if they know someone in Athens. And of course, you have the best connections there Bob.

Would also definitely recommend @yannick and perhaps the new leadership at [RAB/BKO] - Réseau des Arts à Bruxelles and Flemish counterpart (

Maybe @martin could recommend someone working at European level?

If anyone needs more context - how Edgeryders and UNDP have been thinking about this issue:

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I’ve heard about this festival before. Will reach out to @bob for sure

@fsimonov Look forward to discussing this with you!

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Messaged you! :slight_smile:

@inge @khatuna I am working closely with Lejla Sadiku based in the UNDP Instanbul Regional Hub office. She did mention Rustavi in one of our conversations. You may wish to contact Lejla too. I think Rustavi and PSDA would find the festival of value. Look at the festival website, and you will see a special meeting of innovation hubs.

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