Calling team leaders to structure their welcome message and tasks

Hi all,

After talking to Kira and tweaking the Lote5 site among the two of us, I wanted to propose a way for you to be able to draw more people in to help with the making of Lote. This after some people asked where to start uploading content and how to have an overview of what’s happening with each conference theme. We would be working in a decentralized fashion. To all of you who are now coordinating efforts - @Natalia_Skoczylas, @Alberto, @KiraVde, @Irene, @Matteo_Uguzzoni, myself and @Nadia:

  1. start with the Lote5 Welcome page and browse through the minisite to get an idea of where the people you are talking to could be landing. We will link to a place where people can register as soon as we open registration. Feel free to test the site with more people and let us know how improve it.
  2. edit your team page in Creating the event. On your team page there is now a short intro and list of things in the making. Feel free to modify the text as you wish to make it more welcoming. Tell people something about yourself and what you see yourselves achieving with the team. As of now, you are all content managers on the Edgeryders website so you should be able to edit tasks, posts etc. For agenda-related teams, you might want to insert new sections which you'll fill in as you go (‘keynote speakers’, ‘workshop leaders’ etc to let people know who they should expect to meet).
  3. Add new tasks for your team in the [LOTE5 workspace](/c/workspaces/lote5) and then add links to the tasks on the team page, so people can take up tasks immediately when they join your team. Don't forget to mention if tasks are worth 1 ticket or 1/3 ticket to LOTE5.

How can you onboard people interested in LOTE5? Invite them to register on Edgeryders and leave a comment on your team page with questions they have, what they want to put forward.

If you are in talks with someone who will hold a session, you can either point them to the task for creating a session which is listed in all agenda teams, or offer to take their stub and upload it yourselves, then invite them to comment.

If you have questions about the budget, travels etc go to the respective teams to ask them.


We now need a date for opening registrations.

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